Dr. Giggles House of Pain creating nightmares in Chestermere

The Theatre of Pain Volume 2 is putting anyone brave enough into their favourite horror films.

Chestermere’s favourite haunted house, Dr. Giggles House of Pain, is back with another immersive horror film experience, for anyone brave enough to enter this October.

This year, the Dr. Giggles crew has been working to create the Theatre of Pain Volume 2.

“We’ve planned a pretty terrifying event this year, the scenes are the nicest scenes we’ve ever done, and we’ve done some great scenes,” Dr. Giggles, Mike Koroll said. “We have super talented people as we do every year, and we’ve managed to pull out more tricks again, so we’re super excited.”

This year, scenes from The Purge, Annabelle, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Dr. Giggle’s own movie The Undoing will be showcased.

The Undoing is a continuation of last year’s film the Dr. Giggles crew shot, about a family man with a dark secret.

“I believe this movie is going to be even scarier than the last one. The last one was pretty creepy, and I feel like we’re progressing,” Koroll said.

This year, Koroll was inspired to continue with the Theatre of Pain because last year’s haunt was so well-received with film scenes the crew found to be scary.

“The facade is incredible, it seemed like a natural fit, and there’s a ton of horror movies,” Koroll said. “We’ve done a fantastic job, and I believe everyone is going to be terrified. The scenes are absolutely incredible, it will speak for itself.”

Koroll is now auditioning actors and preparing for the first showing of the haunted house on Oct. 6.

“We’re trying to get the right fit for the right roles, and in doing so trying to find roles for everyone. We have some scenes where we can have some extra actors, we just don’t want to overcrowd the scenes,” Koroll said. “We’re trying to keep everyone busy and having fun.”

This year, anyone brave enough to enter the Theatre of Pain Volume 2 is asked to purchase tickets at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/drgiggleshauntedhouse/750637.

Tickets are available for six people per booking for 15 minutes.

Last year, Koroll introduced ticket booking, to ensure the haunted house can stay open each year.

“We put our heart and soul into this. That $25 per person is a way to keep this thing alive, and keep it getting better and better,” Koroll said. “The people of Chestermere know the quality of the show that we bring, and they know how much work is involved. I believe everyone loves it, and they want us to keep doing it.”

Without the support of sponsors including Eric’s No Frills, McIntyre Crane and Rigging, and Michelle Eldjarnson who sponsored the Purge room, the cast, and the crew, the annual haunted house wouldn’t be possible.

“We’re very thankful to all of our sponsors for everything they have done,” Koroll said.

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