Older Adults Coalition of Chestermere (OACC)

Times, they are a changin’! At least that’s how the saying goes. In our April meeting, the Chestermere Coalition for Seniors passed a motion to amend the name of our group to the Older Adults Coalition of Chestermere (OACC). You may ask why?

It has been suggested that there is a general perception held by younger generations that the term “seniors” refers to “OLD PEOPLE.”  Boomers are also redefining what it means to be a senior. They do not regard themselves as old and sometimes feel that the senior connotation does not align with their lifestyle. Boomers represent the largest birth cohort in North America, the first of which turned 65 in 2011. In Chestermere, it is expected that this demographic (55+) will represent approximately 1/3 of the population in our community by 2028. 

Today, the term “older adult” is commonly used to describe anyone over the age of 55. “Senior” has traditionally been used for anyone over 65. 

In keeping with trend, it is important for the Coalition to be as inclusive and supportive of these members of the community as possible and portray those individuals as the important contributors to society that they represent. Our mission is to be the voice of all residents within the 55+ demographic, and it is key to be representative of the group as a whole. 

The needs and interests of the older adult community in Chestermere are broad. Whether it be health & wellness, social, spiritual, or physical, the need for representation is vast and imperative. By changing the name of the Coalition, we are more inclusive to those we serve.

Join the Older Adults Coalition of Chestermere

As we begin resuming “post pandemic” activities, we are reaching out to the community to do a “reset” with our existing members and welcome new members to our group. It is time to grow our membership and get working on projects that make a difference in our older adult community. 

We recognize the need to support flexibility in schedules and availability of personal time. The membership must be inclusive, ensuring a broad representation of all cultures, all older adults, and all agencies and not for profit organizations. Members must either reside or work within the geographical boundaries of Chestermere and its surrounding areas. Anyone wishing to join is welcome as they indicate an interest in the quality of life for our older adults. This may include adult children of older adults, caregivers, educators, agencies, service organizations, funders, community partners and the community at large. The common goal is to work for the betterment of older adults in our community.

OACC – Next Meeting – May 18th, 1:00PM – 3:00PM Lakeshore Manor

We excited to be meeting again in person on May 18th. Lakeshore Manor will be hosting OACC. We have been working on quite a few projects remotely but look forward to face-to-face engagement with our membership. We are currently updating our Terms of Reference and are looking for some volunteers to help. We are also finalizing letter of support for improvements to our EMS Services, Lab Services and Diagnostic Services in Chestermere. Unbelievably, it has been two years since we released the first edition of the Chestermere Seniors’ Resource Book. It is time for it to be updated so we are starting this project as well. Of course, one big topic for discussion will be ways in which we can increase our membership. 

Due to the location, please note that masks and proof of vaccination will be required in order to attend the meeting at Lakeshore Manor. Socially distancing will be implemented. To RSVP, please email Joanne  jumpmaster2@shaw.ca or Leslie Leslie.racz@crpcn.ca or Betty  illingw8@telus.net.


A sixth wave is upon us, however as we choose to live with CoVid- endemic, we have certainly learned how to manage the symptoms, the vaccine, and the prevention. Please stay informed and aware as you continue precautions as needed. Be respectful of our Seniors Care Facilities, Lakeshore Manor, and all Medical Clinics as they remain under Public Health Precautions and require masking and social distancing.

Our CRPCN Clinic in Rainbow Falls continues to accept new Patients to our three female Nurse Practitioners. Please call for a Meet and Greet at 587-333-3751 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists. Did you know that when your doctor or nurse practitioner belongs to the PCN, you have access to our team of professional staff: Registered Nurses, Dietician, Diabetic Nurses, Footcare Specialists, Social Worker as well as coverage for a physio appointment if ordered with your doctor or NP? 

Older Adults Supports, Programs and Services

How can we help? Are you facing challenges in your day-to-day life, or having difficulties in navigating systems while looking for information for yourself or other family members? Perhaps filling out Government forms is overwhelming, maybe you would like to just sit and chat a while. We are here for you. The last eighteen months have taken a huge toll on us all and we want to make sure that we can help you to access, what you really need.

We are happy to meet you in a location convenient to you, a telephone call, or a virtual chat. (Please note we are unable to do home visits). What ever your needs, please contact City of Chestermere Family and Community Resource Centre, Senior Support Services at 403-207-7079 or via email crcinfo@chestermere.ca


We have the Chestermere Senior’s Resource Handbooks 2020 available at the Older Adult Coalition of Chestermere meetings. They are also available at the Chestermere Library, Whitecappers Association, Lakeshore Manor and Synergy. Please pick yours up or take one for a neighbour.   You can also access these books by contacting the City of Chestermere on 403-207- 7079 or online at https://www.chestermere.ca/DocumentCenter/View/16762/Chestermere-Seniors-Resource-Handbook-2020?bidId=

The City of Chestermere website also has some great resources for older adults and seniors programming, events, and information! https://www.chestermere.ca/658/Programs-for-Seniors 

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