Police Briefs: April 14-28


Break and Enter – 3
Theft of Motor Vehicle – 1
Possession of Stolen Property obtained by Crime Over $5000.00 – 1
Possession of Stolen Property obtained by Crime Under $5000.00 – 0
Theft Under $5000.00 from Motor Vehicle – 2
Theft Over $5000.00 from Motor Vehicle – 1
Other Theft Under $5000 – 1
Other Theft Over $5000 – 0
Mischief – 3
Enrollments in the CAPTURE Program – 91

Police return stolen vehicle to owner

On April 17, after 3 p.m., Chestermere police received a call of a theft of a GMC Sierra which had been parked at a residence. 

It was reported that the truck was locked and had a club on the steering wheel. The vehicle was not running, and the registered owner had both sets of keys. 

Through neighbourhood inquiries, a neighbour noticed the truck parked at the residence 30 minutes prior. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses and no surveillance cameras in the area.

Three days later the license plate was recovered by Calgary Police Service, and one day, later the vehicle was recovered by Calgary police Service and the plate was not attached due to recovery of the plate the previous day. There was minor damage to vehicle. 

Calgary Police contacted the registered owner and advised that the vehicle was towed to the main tow lot in Calgary. 

“It is always good to hear when stolen vehicles are recovered and returned back to the registered owners. The Chestermere RCMP participates in the Security Screw Program, along with Chestermere Fire Services, Tire Craft, Chestermere Lake Registry and Jiffy Lube,” S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen said. “This program is an added crime prevention measure which helps the residents of Chestermere decrease their chances of having their license plates stolen. Once installed, property criminals will have difficulty removing a license plate without detection or causing noticeable damage to the license plate. Most of whom will likely move on. When your vehicle is sold or you want to remove your license plate, simply attend the Chestermere RCMP Detachment or participating location to have it removed.”

RCMP continue to investigate Global Liquor Store break and enter 

On April 19, after 3 a.m., Chestermere RCMP were called to a commercial alarm at Global Liquor Store. 

Upon police arrival, they noted the main entrance glass door to Lake Med Clinic was smashed. Upon entry, police noted the solid door to Global Liquor was pried open. 

Video surveillance was reviewed, and two unknown male suspects were viewed leaving with approximately $2,500 worth of liquor. 

The file is still under investigation. 

“These suspects were highly motivated to break through two layers of security to this business and to steal liquor. In the event you come across an event like this in progress do not engage and call the police immediately,” S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen said.

Residents reminded to ensure property is secure to reduce crimes of opportunity 

On April 19, at approximately 4:30 p.m., the Chestermere RCMP received a report of a break and enter in progress. 

A resident reported that an unknown male had entered their house and was in their basement. 

The suspect was approached by the homeowner and the suspect ran upstairs and exited the residence through the front door. 

Upon police arrival, security footage was viewed, and a picture of the suspect was obtained. 

Patrols were made in the area in an attempt to locate the suspect, and Victim Services engaged with the homeowners. 

“This is a reminder for homeowners to ensure their property is secure at all times. Securing your residence will help mitigate events of this nature. With the assistance of security cameras, police were able to obtain evidence along with an image of the suspect. We encourage any residents or businesses who have video surveillance systems to enroll in the local CAPTURE program. This program helps police identify where surveillance systems are in the event, they are seeking potential evidence,” S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen said.

The RCMP is encouraging residents to join the CAPTURE program to help protect their property, family, and community, by registering their security cameras to the program. Residents who join the program are taking an active role in deterring crime and assisting the RCMP with overall crime prevention goals.

Visit the Chestermere Capture website for more information. 

RCMP thank concerned resident for reporting Domino’s break and enter

On April 24, RCMP received a report from a citizen who was walking their dog and had observed the aftermath of a break and enter.

They came across a business with the front door smashed. 

Police attended and determined that during the night, Domino’s Pizza located on Chestermere Station Way was broken into.

Police cleared the property and did not locate any suspects. 

The business owner attended and indicated they received an alarm throughout the night but chose not to attend. Police were not notified. Damage and stolen cash was under $5,000. 

“Thank you to the citizen who was an extra set of eyes for the community and contacted the police,” S/Sgt Kathy Klassen said. “If you are the key holder for a business and are notified of an alarm it is recommended you attend and call the police. This will help increase the probability of intercepting a suspect in the act or in the area.”  

Klassen encourages the public to call the Chestermere RCMP complaint line at 403-204-8900 to report a crime in the community, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 and online to remain anonymous.

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