Police Briefs – May 16


STATS: April 29 – May 13
Break and Enter – 2
Theft of Motor Vehicle – 3
Possession of Stolen Property obtained by Crime Over $5000.00 – 0
Possession of Stolen Property obtained by Crime Under $5000.00 – 0
Theft Under $5000.00 from Motor Vehicle – 4
Theft Over $5000.00 from Motor Vehicle – 1
Other Theft Under $5000 – 2
Other Theft Over $5000 – 1
Mischief – 11
Enrollments in the CAPTURE Program – 93

RCMP ask drone operators to follow Transport Canada rules

On May 3, Chestermere RCMP received a complaint from a Chestermere resident regarding a drone flying over their residence. 

The resident was uncomfortable and wanted to know information about drone regulations. 

Police attended and spoke with the complainant and located the drone operator and provided advice and education regarding drone regulations and the privacy act. 

The drone operator was directed to follow Transport Canada rules and respect the privacy of others. 

“As technology advances, the public will see more situations like this. Drones are becoming very popular and can be purchased at many different outlets. We want users to enjoy this equipment without facing fines or criminal charges. Fly them safely and within the regulations,” S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen said.

For rules regarding recreational drone use please refer to the Transport Canada website www.tc.gc.ca and type “Drone” in the search box. 

Recreational drones that weigh more than 250grams and up to 35kg, must follow specific rules.

  • Within 90m above the ground or lower.
  • At least 30 m away from vehicles, vessels, and the public.

If your drone weighs more than 250g up to 1 kg

  • At least 75m away from vehicles, vessels, and the public
  • If your drone weighs more than 1kg up to 35 kg
  • At least 5.5 km from aerodromes (any airport, seaplane base, or areas where aircraft take-off and land).
  • At least 1.8 km away from heliports or aerodromes used exclusively by helicopters outside of controlled or restricted airspace.
  • At least 9 km away from a natural hazard or disaster area.
  • Away from areas where it could interfere with police or first responders.
  • During the day and no clouds.
  • Within your sight at all times.
  • Within 500 m of yourself or closer.
  • Only if clearly marked with your name, address and telephone number.

Not following these rules will result in fines of up to $3,000.

RCMP respond to residential break and enter

On May 11, after 9 p.m., Chestermere RCMP received a complaint of a break and enter in progress at a residence. 

Owners who were away on vacation were watching suspects, through surveillance, inside their residence. 

Chestermere members attended and arrested two suspects and took care of a child who was also inside the home. 

One of the suspects indicated that ghosts had told them to come to the residence. 

The other suspect believed that it was their residence and demanded police leave. 

CFS was contacted and the child was placed in the care of a relative. 

Both suspects were charged. Intoxicating substances and mental health are believed to be a factor. 

“In the event of situations like this, we recommend you do not engage and call the police immediately. The use of a home surveillance system is an excellent way of keeping an eye on your residence when you are not at home,” S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen said.

Residents encouraged to participate in security screw program 

RCMP have received reports of residents having their licence plates removed from their vehicles.

Often these plates are reattached to stolen vehicles and potentially involved in further crimes. 

To help minimize having your license plate stolen and used by an unknown person the Chestermere RCMP participates in the security screw program. 

This program is an added crime prevention measure which helps the residents of Chestermere decrease their chances of having their license plates stolen. 

Once installed, property criminals will have difficulty removing a license plate without detection or causing noticeable damage to the license plate, most of whom will likely move on. 

When your vehicle is sold or you want to remove your license plate, simply attend the Chestermere RCMP Detachment or participating location to have it removed.

Security screws are available at the Chestermere RCMP, Chestermere Fire Services, Tire Craft, Chestermere Lake Registry and Jiffy Lube. 

Motorists reminded to share roadways with pedestrians and cyclists 

With the weather getting nicer, RCMP are seeing an increased number of people enjoying the outdoors. 

The Chestermere RCMP is now asking the public to be diligent on the roadways and share the roadways safely with the citizens out walking and biking. 

Also, recently the Chestermere Lake was filled, and an increased number of citizens are starting to enjoy the lake. 

Ensure you have completed proper maintenance and are following water safety guidelines to help reduce the potential of any unfortunate situations. 

In the coming weeks, RCMP will begin patrolling the lake.   

RCMP encourage residents to report crime in community

S/Sgt. Kathy Klassen encourages the public to call the RCMP complaint line at 403-204-8900 to report a crime in the community and the Crime Stoppers Program at 1-800-222-8477 or online at https://calgarycrimestoppers.org to remain anonymous. 

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