Provincial government opens restorative justice grants

Organizations that provide restorative justice services can apply until Dec. 2.

The provincial government has opened restorative justice grants for organizations delivering crime reduction services.

“Our government remains committed to keeping Albertans safe with stable communities. Part of this commitment is taking corrective action when a mistake happens to provide restorative justice. I am proud that this grant supports organizations that are in a position to explore new ways to keep our communities safe,” the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services, Mike Ellis said.

Restorative justice programming has been used in the province for more than 20 years, and helps to reduce recidivism, heal affected communities and empower victims with programs focusing on those most affected by crime, a government of Alberta media release said.

“Restorative justice programs have strong community support and all Albertans benefit from having access to these services when dealing with the criminal justice system,” the release said.

Restorative justice programs provide better outcomes for victims by ensuring their needs are met while offenders are held responsible for their actions. The programs reduce reoffending rates and allow affected communities to get involved in crime resolution, the release said.

Organizations that provide restorative justice services, such as community-based coalitions, registered not-for-profits, Indigenous communities and youth justice committees are encouraged to apply for grants up to $50,000 until Dec. 2.

A total of $720,000 will be available through the Victims of Crime and Public Safety Fund.

“Restorative justice not only provides Albertans who want to participate in the process with better outcomes, but it also reduces the need to use traditional court resources to address legal issues. Investments like these grants help keep our justice system responsive to Albertans’ needs,” the Minister of Justice, Tyler Shandro said.

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