Affordability payment applications now open

$100 affordability payments are available for Alberta parents and seniors.

Eligible Albertans can now apply to receive affordability payments over six months.

Starting on Jan. 18, Alberta parents with household incomes below $180,000 were eligible to receive $100 per month for six months for each dependent child under 18.

Seniors 65 or older who have household incomes below $180,000 and do not receive the Alberta Seniors Benefit were also eligible for the monthly payments.

“We know rising inflation is forcing families to make choices they should not have to make, and kids are feeling the impacts of the financial stress at home. These affordability payments will make a difference for parents and caregivers across Alberta who are struggling to keep up with rising costs. My hope is that by reducing some of the financial pressure on parents and caregivers, our youngest Albertans can focus on kid’s stuff, not their parents’ bills,” Minister of Children’s Services Mickey Amery said.

“Affordability is a top-of-mind issue for Alberta families and individuals, especially those living on fixed incomes. Today’s inflation has brought uncertainty to seniors and those living with disabilities. For these Albertans, an additional $600 is more food on the table and more assurance to know that they will be able to meet their basic needs,” Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services Jeremy Nixon said.

Online applications will be accepted until June 30. When the application process is completed, most Albertans will receive payments at the end of the same month, however, the timing will vary.

Anyone who doesn’t have computer access to apply online can apply in person through any registry agent or Alberta Supports.

“Over the last two months, we have been hard at work implementing the largest affordability support measures in Canada. The online portal that we have developed is easy-to-use, fast, safe, and secure. I have every confidence in this system. It is the right approach to help Albertans get the support they need and get it quickly,” Minister of Technology and Innovation Nate Glubish said.

To apply online, eligible Albertans must have a confirmed or pending verified account, which will allow Albertans to prove who they are online without paper documents, or face-to-face visits, a government of Alberta media release said.

To complete their online application, Albertans will be asked a series of questions to verify their eligibility, and banking information to directly deposit the payments into their bank accounts.

In-person, online and call-in supports are also available for those who need assistance in applying.

Some Albertans who qualify for the inflation relief direct payments will be automatically enrolled in the affordability payments, and don’t need to apply.

Albertans who receive benefits through Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), Income Support or the Alberta Seniors Benefit, or services through the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program are already registered for affordability payments and will automatically receive the payments starting Jan. 31.

Albertans who are a recipient of the programs, and also have dependent children under 18, are required to apply for the affordability payments for their children, the release said.

Foster and kinship caregivers are also automatically registered for the payments and do not need to apply for children in their care.

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