Chantelle de Jonge wins Chestermere-Strathmore

Chantelle de Jonge is Chestermere-Strathmore’s new MLA.

United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate Chantelle de Jonge has won the majority vote for the Chestermere-Strathmore constituency.

De Jonge was first inspired to join politics to protect Alberta, preserve strength and freedom, and build on the values that the province was built on.

Through her campaign, de Jonge focused on health care, education, and economic growth, protecting Alberta’s motto of “Strong and free,” reducing corporate tax, managing inflation, and encouraging more businesses to invest in the province.

To advocate for the issues within the riding, de Jonge is prepared to be a strong voice at the table for constituents with active and accessible representation.

While campaigning, de Jonge said the UCP had to be re-elected for Chestermere-Strathmore constituents to be successful.

“The UCP has brought forward so much excellent policy during the campaign, our record over the past has been excellent, and that’s the policy that keeps Alberta moving forward on issues,” de Jonge said. “That’s what keeps Albertans working, that’s what keeps Albertans prosperous and keeps Alberta that beacon of opportunity that it is.”

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