City councillors to attend roles and responsibilities workshop

Council was directed to attend the workshop by Municipal Affairs.

Chestermere City Council is fulfilling a directive issued by Municipal Affairs, by attending a roles and responsibilities workshop.

On March 15, Minister of Municipal Affairs Rebecca Schulz directed all members of council to attend a roles and responsibilities workshop conducted by municipal affairs staff before Sept. 30.

The workshop will include local government and the MGA, roles and responsibilities of elected officials, roles and responsibilities of administrative officials, municipal finance basics, and teamwork and communication.

The workshop will be split into two days, starting on June 13, focusing on the legislative framework, and local governance roles and responsibilities of elected officials and administration.

The second day of the workshop, on June 20, will focus on teamwork, effective communication, and effective meetings.

“These sessions provide municipal elected officials with information regarding their legislated responsibilities under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) as well as a strong understanding of the role that a municipal council plays in governing their community,” City Director of Corporate Services Kim Wallace said.

Wallace explained that the request for the workshop had to be made by council resolution, to formally demonstrate councils’ commitment to the governing process.

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