Rainbow Road roundabouts to improve traffic flow

There are three feasible roundabout locations on Rainbow Road.

Chestermere City Council is moving forward with the Rainbow Road roundabout project.

CIMA+ completed a six-week feasibility study on converting six intersections to roundabouts along Rainbow Road.

City Director of Community Growth and Infrastructure Travis Fillier explained during the March 7 council meeting that the study was completed after council approved the expansion of the two-lane cross-section of Rainbow Road south to a four-lane divided roadway.

“In the best interests of the corridor for the public, administration requested CIMA+ to investigate and determine the feasibility of converting each of the six intersections along Rainbow Road south to roundabouts as a means for safer and more efficient intersections,” Fillier said.

The intersections in the feasibility study include Merganser Drive, West Lakeview Drive, Rainbow Falls Drive, 100 Rainbow Road, Waterford Road, and Waterford Boulevard.

“Three of the six intersections on Rainbow Road were deemed to be feasible,” Fillier said. “The remaining intersections required either extensive infrastructure, structure relocates, or land acquisitions while some intersections would negatively impact residential development.”

West Lakeview Drive was not a feasible location for a roundabout because of residential property, and a lack of road right of way, while 100 Rainbow Road was also not feasible because of the acquisition of commercial property, and the relocation of pylon signs and utility adjustments. Lastly, a roundabout at Waterford Road was not feasible because of residential properties.

Merganser Drive was a feasible location for a roundabout, Rainbow Falls Drive was a possibility after requiring the acquisition of commercial property, and making sidewalk adjustments and Waterford Boulevard was also a possible location after requiring land acquisition.

“While these intersections were preliminarily identified as feasible locations for a roundabout, further detailed design is required along subsequent cost updates,” Fillier said.

The Merganser Drive roundabout construction is estimated at $1,218,000, Rainbow Falls Drive at $943,000, and Waterford Boulevard at $1,566,000.

“Total costs are estimated at $3,727,000 for the inclusion of the three roundabouts,” Fillier said.

A 30 per cent contingency is included in the construction costs, further design and estimate would have to be completed to refine the project cost.

“The costs also have some overlap with the original scope of work within the construction limits, so we believe the above numbers are conservative at this stage,” Fillier said.

Attributable costs from the developer would be reallocated from the cost of installing traffic lights at the intersections, Fillier explained. Installation of traffic lights was estimated at $1,200,000 for three intersections.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2023, with additional projects being pushed into 2024, such as sidewalks, and landscaping.

The next steps include city administration working with consultants to refine design, schedule, and costs, and working with landowners on the right of way requirements.

City administration will continue working with the development community, and secure offsite levy funding, before reviewing and approving construction designs.

“In regard to the transportation management plan we currently have, we continue to look at these types of solutions in order to maintain traffic flows and create the best transportation plan we can moving forward,” City Councillor Blaine Funk said. “This is great we’re looking a this, so we have an understanding of the safety aspect, the traffic flow and how it affects it.”

City administration was directed to approve the project scope and come back to council with additional costs.

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