Strathmore Aquatic Centre celebrates 20 years of swimming

Strathmore Aquatic Centre celebrates 20 years of swimming
To celebrate 20 years of swimming, the Strathmore Aquatic Centre is offering free lane and public swims, games, and prizes on June 4 from noon to 6 p.m. Photo/Town of Strathmore

The celebration will include free lane and public swims.

The Strathmore Aquatic Centre is thanking the community for 20 years of community wellness and water safety with a community celebration.

On June 4, from noon to 6 p.m., residents are invited to the aquatic centre to enjoy free lane and public swims, games, and prizes.

The 20-year milestone showcases the support of the community, the dedication of staff, and the commitment to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for residents of all ages, a Town of Strathmore press release said.

“The aquatic centre owes its success, in part, to the stable and energetic leadership of Aquatic Centre Manager, Natasha Barron, who has managed the facility for its full 20 years,” the release said. 

“It’s so exciting to hit this milestone. Over these years we’ve worked together to provide recreation, fitness programs, and water safety in our community,” Barron said. “I’ll be celebrating alongside past and present staff and patrons, whose vibrancy and commitment to aquatics make the Strathmore Aquatic Centre so much more than a pool. We’re really a hub for foundational learning, career development, personal growth and inclusive fitness opportunities.”

Over two decades, the aquatic centre has taught more than 67,000 children swimming lessons and water safety.  

Along with swimming lessons, the aquatic centre has welcomed 745,000 admissions, for individuals and families to enjoy aquatic activities. 

“The Strathmore Aquatic Centre is a leading facility in aquatic safety, swimming education, and community wellness,” the release said. “With a focus on providing a wide range of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the community, the aquatic centre has become a beacon for learning, recreation, and personal growth in the Town of Strathmore.”

Throughout two decades, the aquatic centre has promoted community wellness and engagement, by hosting swim-a-thons, 55+ games, kayak courses, cardboard boat races, aquacise classes, scuba club activities, and triathlons.

“Allowing participants to develop new skills, forge lasting friendships, and embrace the spirit of healthy competition,” the release said. 

Along with hosting events, the aquatic centre is a hub for clubs to gather and is home to the Strathmore Silver Sharks Swim Club, and the Strathmore Polominos Water Polo Club. 

“A community is improved by a pool, 100 per cent. It provides space for people of all ages to exercise and care for their health. It’s an afterschool and summer hotspot for local kids, keeping them active in a safe environment,” Barron said. “We provide job opportunities for local youth and add economic development value to the town. It’s a place for physical therapy, learning, enjoyment and fitness. We’ve taken great care of our facility so it can continue to serve our community for years to come.”

Going forward, the aquatic centre is committed to providing safe and inclusive entertainment for individuals of all ages to embrace aquatic activities for many years to come.

Visit the Town of Strathmore website for more information about the Strathmore Aquatic Centre.

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