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Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Spring Diet Clean-Up

With spring right around the corner, many of you may be getting rid of junk around the house that has accumulated over the winter and preparing for the warmer...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Lower Body Toning Exercises

If you’re on a mission to firm up your lower body, there’s no question that you’ll want to look at the many different toning options you have...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Mommy And Me Training

One of the best ways for new mother’s to get in shape is taking part in a mommy and me exercise class or exercise plan. Exercising with your baby is a...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Get the best results while detoxing

With more and more people starting to look into all the different ways that they can improve their overall health and wellness and see the results...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Goal setting

Before you dive in and start up any workout program or fitness plan, one thing that you absolutely must make sure that you’re taking the time to do is...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Winter Season Foods To Add To Your Diet

As you go about your diet at this time of the year, it’s important to consider all the winter foods coming out that you should be including in your plan...

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