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Noise abatement needed

I have encountered numerous excessively and unnecessarily loud vehicles and motorcycles, while sitting in my living room even with windows shut or out for...


Long term care needs investigating

Dear editor, One of the things that distresses me about the state of long term care in Canada is the fact that many of these people, or their families, pay a...


Our Doctors Need Our Help

During the past few weeks, I have been distressed to see the Government of Alberta wage a war with the very people who are putting their lives on the line...


Please support your local businesses.

I had occasion to purchase some necessary supplies for my greenhouse. Basically I called the supplier, gave them a credit card number, and then rolled up to...


Fair Play for Albertans Starts at Home

By Bruce McAllister It takes a tight spot to discover what we’re made of. Challenges and struggles are the birthplace of character and a better way of life, if...

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