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  • Chestermere Army Cadets Welcome New Commanding Officer

    Annual Ceremonial Review Takes Place As Well

    Cadet Review
    Cadet Review
    Cadet Review

    Cadet Review

    Saturday June 1st marked a big day for the 31245 Chestermere Army Cadets; they welcomed in a new Captain in at a Ceremonial Review and Change of Command Parade event.
    Newly instated Commanding Officer, previous Deputy Commanding officer, Captain Allan Schaber was promoted, due to the previous commanding officer, Captain Cheryl Libby stepping down to spend more time with her young daughter.
    Captain Schaber was born and raised in the Calgary area, and about 33 years ago was a first aid instructor with the St John’s Ambulance brigade. He was approaches by an Air Force Captain to teach first aid to air cadets and reserve soldiers. He agreed, and shortly after enlisted with the Canadian Air Force. He was even a member of the 409 squadron for a time.
    Captain Schaber left the army in 1980, but then re-enlisted to be part of the 3125 Chestermere Army Cadets in 2009.
    When asked about his new role as Commanding Officer, Captain Schaber said,
    “The puck stops with me,” He then laughed at the comparison with hockey, as Chestermere is a very hockey-oriented town.
    “Ultimately, I’m responsible for everything that happens in the corps,” Captain Schaber added.
    The Chestermere cadets are very involved in the community, helping with running both the fall and spring fairs, as well as community service all around town.
    Cadets can join the corps once they turn twelve, and are allowed to stay on all through their eighteenth year. But just before they turn nineteen, they do have to leave the cadets.
    The Chestermere Army Cadets are hoping along with the new changes happening within their corps, that they’ll also gain a bit more attention in the Chestermere community.
    When he’s not a cadet Captain, Mr. Schaber is a teacher at the Chestermere Lake Middle school, and has been teaching with Rocky View Schools for the last 18 years.
    The ceremony itself was attended by all the member of the 3125 Chestermere Army cadets, as well as numerous visiting Commanding and Deputy Commanding officers, as well are retired previous Officers from the Chestermere and Calgary area.
    One of the cadets, Warden Officer Madison Paquette, was just promoted to her new position the Monday before the ceremony.
    Paquette has been in cadets for 5 year, since she turned twelve, two days after she turned twelve in fact.
    “My birthday was on the Tuesday, and by Thursday I was registered in cadets,” Paquette said.
    The young officer also said that cadets were always something she wanted to do, and she was very keen on being promoted to Warden.
    “I make sure everyone knows what to do, supervise and maintain order, and I help drill the young cadets, teaching them to be a leader,” Paquette added, on her new role within the corps.
    When asked if the few female members of the cadet’s corps managed to keep the boys in line, Paquette laughed and answered that yes, they did.
    Paquette herself got to be second in command of the whole parade itself, a shining achievement on her part.
    The parade ceremony involved a number of different events.
    The cadet corps marched into the ceremony space, welcomed in the Reviewing Officer for their annual inspection, had their inspection, and then an awards presentation.
    Many of the cadets of the corps were the recipients of multiple awards, which are given away every year to outstanding member of the corps itself.
    Outgoing Commanding Officer Cheryl Libby was the recipient of a very special award, the Canadian Forces Decoration, due to her service both with the Canadian Forces and with The Chestermere Army Cadets.