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    Not Just Another Water Fight

    not just another water fight_007

    Kids filled their water guns and ran over to the fire truck hoping to spray the fire fightrers….. then this happened….

    It is a long standing tradition during the hot summer months to at some point end up in a water fight. Innocently doing yard work as a family one minute – spraying each other with hoses and filling buckets the next. Sometimes you just never know when a water fight will pop up. But when a water fight is organized and the entire city is invited, you know it’s going to be pretty epic.
    Synergy had scheduled their Epic Water Fight for July 15, 2015 – but with Mother Nature holding her own water fight just days before that, the event was postponed to August 5, 2015. Held in John Peake Park, Synergy hosted this event inviting anyone and everyone to come armed with their water fight weapon of choice and participate in fun.
    Over 100 adults and kids came out to the event that was well timed given that shortly after the event wrapped up, a wicked hail storm blew through Chestermere.
    Synergy provided water filling stations, popcorn, freezies and a ‘splash free zone’ – but the splash free zone became a distant memory once Chestermere Fire Service arrived on the scene and soaked everyone and anyone. Kids swarmed the fire trucks and were drenched head to toe by the water shooting from not one, but two of CFS trucks. The guys of B shift also turned on each other a bit, which no doubt made for some interesting conversation back at the station.
    Events like these show that even the simplest of concepts, such as a water fight, are a great way to meet members of your community and to just get together and have some neighbourly fun.