Chestermere Lake Middle School Girl’s Grade 9 Volleyball team

    clms vball

    L to R: Coach Trevor Grover, Harjot Rai, Emma Moore, Madison Lang, Brooke Young, Bridget Snatic, Coach Christopher Toews.
    L to R: Kathie Malidom, Haley Kennedy, Kristin Gretener, Nhu-anh Nguyan

    On November 19 the Chestermere Lake Middle School, Grade 9 Girls volleyball team played in the finals for the South, Central Zone, Alberta. The tournament was held at the Olds High School/College sports facility.
    Having gone undefeated all year the girls were confident of a solid finish. Unfortunately Gold eluded them on this final tournament and the girls brought home Silver.
    The girls played hard losing the sets, 25-21 and 25-23. In the second set the girls managed to come back from a 12 point deficit showing their true nature.
    Many thanks to coach Toews and Grover who have mentored these girls the last three years and really built a winning team.
    As parents we are extremely proud of what these girls have accomplished and we look forward to following their exploits next year as they enter High School.