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    Local players compete at Ultimate Nationals in Ottawa

    Local Players Compete Ultimate_MG_3115

    The Chestermere contingent of the Calgary Canons Ultimate Frisbee Team that is competing at U18 Nationals in Ottawa. From Left: Easton Fritz, Michael Wolfenden, Jason Stepp, Justin Wolfenden, Trevor Wolfenden and Evan Shields. Not pictured Landon Lavoie and Austin Tober. Photo by Jeremy Broadfield

    Eight Chestermerians are hoping to play an integral part in the success of the Calgary Cannons Ultimate Frisbee team at the U18 Nationals in Ottawa.
    “We’re a strong team,” said Trevor Wolfenden, “we feel good.”
    This is the first time most of the team will be competing at the National competition however twins Michael and Trevor Wolfenden compete with the Edmonton team at Nationals last year.
    As some of the veteran players, the pair said that they have been fielding a lot of questions from the newer members of the team.
    “Our coaches are going to definitely look to us to kind of show them the ropes,” said Michael.
    Because of the structure of the tournament, the cannons can’t actually compete for the gold medal this year.
    This is the Cannons firs time going to nationals. What they are competing for is to improve their position in the standings so that they will be able to compete for gold in the next couple of years.
    “We’re ranked 24th, totally last,” said Trevor.
    Despite this they are both confident that the cannons will be competitive at Nationals.
    “We went to the prairie disk championship in Regina and we actually beat the Manitoba team which is ranked 12th,” he said, “so we have really high hopes for how we’re going to do this year.”
    In addition to the nerves and excitement associated with competing at the national level, both boys said they are looking forward to competing with such a large part of the team representing Chestermere.
    There are about 20 players on the Cannons team.
    “Being able to go up with them is like super cool that we can go up and play with the guys we’ve known for years,” said Trevor.