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    Hockey association honours its members

    Hockey-Packed House

    The annual Chestermere Minor Hockey Association awards night. photo submitted

    The Chestermere Minor Hockey Association packed them in for their annual awards, getting more than 500 people for a standing-room-only celebration.

    The event Sunday, April 29 at the Chestermere Regional Community Association has grown as strongly as hockey has over the past few years and this one was the biggest yet, with kids from each team honoured in four separate categories.

    The Esso Medals of Achievment were handed out to most sportsmanlike player, most improved and most dedicated, while there as also the player’s choice award — voted on by those who take the ice. There were also memorial awards for top players in each level plus those for coaches and officials.

    The CMHA changed the program this year and the result was it felt much more like an awards ceremony. Instead of a door prize, the CMHA recognized the Humboldt Broncos, raising around $1,000.

    “We took a collection and we will donate the money to KidSport in honour of the Humboldt Broncos, and CMHA will match it,” said CMHA vice-president Chris Wallin.

    “We packed the hall. There’s no facility big enough to hold the whole association anymore.”

    The 2017-18 season will basically close for the summer when the CMHA holds its annual general meeting on Tuesday, May 8 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Chestermere Recreation Centre.

    Memorial Awards

    Craig Kletzel Memorial Hockey Foundation: Hannah Deck

    Markus Lavallee Memorial Award: Tyler Gingras

    Goalie of the Year: Bryson White

    Coach of the Year: Tony Vantol

    Peewee Player of the Year: Jenna Murphy

    Bantam Player of the Year: Parker Kathol

    Midget Player of the Year: Parker Hjelsvold

    Graduating Midget Player of the Year: Carter Brown

    Junior Player of the Year: Riley Doiron

    CIRA Official of the Year: Trey Zimmerman

    Most Sportsmanlike Team: Atom 1

    Team awards

    Tyke Black

    Most sportsmanlike: Jake Gardener

    Most improved: Daysen Poyser

    Most dedicated: Nathan Snook

    Tyke Blue

    Most sportsmanlike: Brody Black

    Most improved: Connor MacEwan

    Most dedicated: Mason Mallet

    Tyke Grey

    Most sportsmanlike: Conner Handel

    Most improved: Aiden Girard

    Most dedicated: Max Klassen

    Tyke Red

    Most sportsmanlike: Logan Bourgault

    Most improved: Easton Harper

    Most dedicated: Everett Penny

    Tyke White

    Most sportsmanlike: Eric Sexton

    Most improved: Weston Sikora

    Most dedicated: Moe Rafih

    Tyke Yellow

    Most sportsmanlike: Vinny Lehouillier

    Most improved: Lincoln Cabana

    Most dedicated: Jawad Eldessouki

    Novice 1A

    Most sportsmanlike: Kyler Sorochak

    Most improved: Adam Sexton

    Most dedicated: Adam Halat

    Players choice award: Mirco Dufour

    Novice 2B

    Most sportsmanlike: Niko Bec

    Most improved: William Grieve

    Most dedicated: Colten Neale

    Players choice award: Evan Cook

    Novice 3C

    Most sportsmanlike: Zachary Lowe

    Most improved: Damien Clapton

    Most dedicated: Beckham Van Tol

    Players choice award: Kieran Gill

    Novice 4D

    Most sportsmanlike: Ian Godley

    Most improved: Gryphon Prusky

    Most dedicated: Jaden Gill

    Players choice award: Mohamed Souraya

    Novice 5E

    Most sportsmanlike: Brendan Clark

    Most improved: Lochlan MacDonald

    Most dedicated: Nolan Harvey

    Players choice award: Nathan Loria

    Novice 6a RED

    Most sportsmanlike: Ole Haug

    Most improved: Chase Lam

    Most dedicated: Sam From

    Players choice award: Levi Buckingham

    Novice 6b WHITE

    Most sportsmanlike: Owen Marcotte

    Most improved: Malcolm Forbes

    Most dedicated: Oliver Dreger

    Players choice award: Lily Grant

    Atom 1A

    Most sportsmanlike: Grady Watkins

    Most improved: Brooklyn Deck

    Most dedicated: Keiran Neale

    Players choice award: Luca Dufour

    Atom 2B

    Most sportsmanlike: Lucas Nordquist

    Most improved: Matteo Sartore

    Most dedicated: Lucas Rees

    Players choice award: Kaden Hayes

    Atom 3C

    Most sportsmanlike: Kohl Sinnott

    Most improved: Brady Hainstock

    Most dedicated: A.J. Gunn

    Players choice award: Cameron Johnson

    Atom 4D

    Most sportsmanlike: Katie Thiemann

    Most improved: Adam Harvey

    Most dedicated: Cillian Andrews

    Players choice award: Kalan Bell

    Atom 5E

    Most sportsmanlike: Logan Klassen

    Most improved: Mohammed Abdallah

    Most dedicated: Declan Armstrong

    Players choice award: Tyson McDonald

    Atom 6F

    Most sportsmanlike: Jaidyn Millard

    Most improved: Jayden Rae

    Most dedicated: Khushjot Khaira

    Players choice award: Rory Dreger


    Peewee AA

    Most sportsmanlike: Ben Kozak

    Most improved: Kerr Wallin

    Most dedicated: Austin Drinkwalter

    Players choice award: Landon Knight

    Peewee 1

    Most sportsmanlike: Jordan Boychuk

    Most improved: Nash Pierson

    Most dedicated: Peter Godley

    Players choice award: Adam Crnkovic

    Peewee 2

    Most sportsmanlike: Dixon Cowan

    Most improved: Jake Rota

    Most dedicated: Kale Erickson

    Players choice award: Remy Rae

    Peewee 3

    Most sportsmanlike: Holly Drinkwalter

    Most improved: Nolan Murphy

    Most dedicated: Easton Weyman

    Players choice award: Nate Smith

    Peewee 4

    Most sportsmanlike: Jacob Brennan

    Most improved: Noah Macewen

    Most dedicated: Caleb Crozier-Connors

    Players choice award: Kaiden Larocque

    Peewee 5

    Most sportsmanlike: Tagir Galin

    Most improved: Carson McMillan

    Most dedicated: Keiran Curley

    Players choice award: Jenna Murphy


    Bantam 1

    Most sportsmanlike: Brayden Carlson

    Most improved: Eric Castro

    Most dedicated: Kyle Provencher

    Players choice award:

    Bantam 2

    Most sportsmanlike: Carter Fair

    Most improved: Kaleb Copeland

    Most dedicated: Faith Drinkwalter

    Players choice award:

    Bantam 3

    Most sportsmanlike: Dillon Thomas

    Most improved: Cole Pedersen

    Most dedicated: Davis Johnson

    Players choice award:

    Bantam 4

    Most sportsmanlike: Paige Reid-Woodill

    Most improved: Keagan McLaughlin

    Most dedicated: Dylan McVittie

    Players choice award:

    Midget 1A

    Most sportsmanlike: Bryce McPherson

    Most improved: Brody Lester

    Most dedicated: Nolan Bailey

    Players choice award:

    Midget 2B

    Most sportsmanlike: Jordan Hassett

    Most improved: Carson Rawlysuk

    Most dedicated: Bryson White

    Players choice award:

    Midget 3C

    Most sportsmanlike: Joshua Mutch

    Most improved: Caiden Watson

    Most dedicated: Tyler Gingras

    Players choice award:

    Jr C

    Most sportsmanlike: Dylan Maisonneuve

    Most improved: Zach VanVlaanderen

    Most dedicated: Josh Rains