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  • Chestermere begins process to outsource waste

    City Council has begun exploring options of outsourcing waste collection and processing through a private company

    To reduce utility rate fees, Chestermere City Council has issued a request for proposal from private companies to outsource garbage, compost, recycling services, and waste processing.

    “We recognize that our residents are feeling the pressure of utility rate fees,” Mayor Marshall Chalmers said in a media release.

    “We are working hard to find solutions for all utility services and are starting with garbage, compost, and recycling services,” Chalmers said.

    “We’ve said all along, we’re looking to provide long-term, stable, and sustainable utility services in Chestermere. This is just part of it,” he added.

    Currently Chestermere Utilities Incorporated (CUI), is collecting the city’s garbage, compost, and recycling and then sending it to a landfill.

    “We’re looking at how can we do that more efficiently and cheaper,” Chalmers said.

    “The request for proposal is looking for a private contractor to put a bid in and do the same thing,” Chalmers said.

    A request for expression of interest was sent out in January of this year in which nine companies expressed interest in collecting and processing the city’s waste.

    Now the nine companies are required provide a proposal to the city on their ability to pick up and process the waste.

    The proposals are open until March 22, council will then begin the selection process, and determine which company would be best for Chestermere.

    “We’re going through a process to do business different than what CUI was doing, this is just part of that,” Chalmers said.

    “Having looked at other options, outsourcing waste collection appears to be the most promising route at the present time. We will continue to explore the possibilities in front of us.

    “We need to provide safe, stable, and sustainable utility services,” Chalmers said.

    He added, every Chestermere citizen can pitch in and help with garbage collection and processing, by doing the proper sorting themselves.

    Having the incorrect waste in bins continues to be a problem not only in Chestermere by also in surrounding communities.

    “We’ve been notified there’s going to be additional billing for contaminated processing,” Chalmers said.

    For putting the wrong items or waste in the wrong bins, the landfill will be charging Chestermere extra per ton, he added.

    “The more that everybody works together on this, the better we can keep costs down,” Chalmers said.