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    Chestermere Lakers win in double over-time

    Chestermere Lakers win in double overtime pic 1

    The Chestermere Lakers Atom 3 team had an undefeated season ending with a double-overtime game against High Country on March 23. The Chestermere Lakers were able to win 3-2 against High Country because of the teams dominate offense and defense. However, High Country did make it challenging for the Chestermere Lakers to put out any shots on the net because of their defensive players. Photo submitted

    The Chestermere Lakers Atom 3 team finished an undefeated season by winning the league playoff championship 3-2 against High County in double overtime on March 23.

    “It was a high-intensity game, both teams wanted to win, and both teams were excellent,” said Treasurer Derek Hachey.

    High County had started the game fast and strong by scoring a goal within 30 seconds of the first period beginning.

    Although High County started strong, the Chestermere Lakers were able to dominate the offensive zone and tied the game with under one second left during the first period, Hachey said.

    “The second period was exciting because the play went on both sides, and both goalies did not let a goal in despite facing several shots each,” he said.

    Within a minute of the third period, High County had scored, and the Chestermere Lakers tied the game once again forcing the game to go into double overtime where the Lakers come out victorious.

    “When it’s a tight game, and it comes out as a win in the end, it’s a sweeter victory for the kids,” Hachey said.

    Throughout the Chestermere Lakers season, the most significant asset the team had was a dominant offense.

    However, High County was able to offset the offense by playing defense effectively.

    “They made it very difficult for us to put some quality shots on net,” Hachey said.

    He added the second round of over-time with four on four had opened up the ice allowing the Chestermere Lakers to capitalize on a great scoring opportunity.

    “Our kids were able to move the puck much more effectively with the reduced numbers of players, and that opened up a good quality scoring opportunity,” Hachey said.

    Throughout the 15-win season, the players developed as athletes and as a team, where they learned how to cycle the puck effectively and how to play as a team with commitment.

    “The season went exceptionally well for these kids, they dominated offensively, and defensively.

    “We had good committed defensemen from the get-go which is somewhat unusual for teams at this age,” Hachey said.

    “Our coaches did an excellent job of pushing our players to get them to the next level of their play, and unlocking potential in all the kids, that the kids didn’t even know they had,” Hachey said.

    Not only did the players develop as athletes throughout the season, but they also grew in confidence.

    “This gave them the motivation to work hard next season and see what else they can achieve,” he added.