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  • High School Rodeo giving youth an opportunity to practice their craft at the Calgary Stampede

    Rocky View County High School students spent the long weekend with practicing the art of rodeo

    The Rocky View High School Rodeo allowed young athletes to practice their craft in a world class rodeo venue from April 19 until April 22.

    “The rodeo went very well, we had nearly 200 entries per day in the junior section and double the entries per day in the senior section,” Event Director of the Rocky View High School Rodeo Ran Richard said.

    Student contestants made the rodeo go so well, as they are constantly professional, disciplined and always ready to compete whenever they were called upon, he added

    Despite having a successful weekend, it is always challenging for the volunteers of the Rocky View High School Rodeo to manage a large and growing number of contestants and their four-legged partners.

    While it is a challange, seeing the excitement contestants have for competing at the Calgary Stampede makes the difficulties worth it for Richard.

    Pole bender, breakaway roper, and barrel racer McKinley Wall spent the last two months riding and roping every day to ensure she was ready for the Rocky View High School Rodeo.

    Wall had up’s and downs throughout the week, but she was happy with how both of her horses performed.

    Wall won the pole bending on the first day, and was third on the second day, which put her third in the average.

    She added, “Unfortunately, I didn’t have the breakaway or barrel runs I had hoped for, but I am going to be working hard in the practice pen for our next rodeo.”

    While preparing for the rodeo, Wall’s goal was winning the average in the breakaway roping. However, her goals had changed by the time she competed.

    “I was shooting to win the average in the pole bending, which I ended up third by 0.7 of a second against some tough girls,” she said.

    Although Wall didn’t achieve her goal, she still had fun competing in the pole bending.

    “My horse, Honey, has so much try and loves running poles which makes it so fun,” she said.

    Without the hard work, dedication and planning from the volunteers of the Rocky View Chestermere Ag Society the Rocky View High School Rodeo wouldn’t have been possible.

    Richard added the rodeo is open to all students in all school districts including home school.

    If students are tired of mainstream sports, fancy themselves an adrenaline junkie and maintain good standing in school, then high school rodeo might be a good fit, he said.