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  • Tom Lipp – Christian Heritage Party of Canada

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    Tom Lipp – Christian Heritage Party of Canada

    The Christian Heritage Party (CHP) of Canada Bow River candidate Tom Lipp is going to instill traditional grassroots back into Albertan’s lives. 
    This election is the first time Lipp has run for federal office, as he was focused on building a family and building a career over the last few decades. 
    “I’m very concerned about the future of our country, and where it’s headed,” Lipp said. 
    Lipp’s ultimate goal for the Bow River riding is to bring a balance of power to Ottawa while steering the nation back to the basics of good government. 
    “On a local basis I want to make sure the traditional values that most people hold in Bow River are maintained and upheld,” Lipp said. 
    Lipp is focused on improving the current health care system by emphasizing alternative medicines. 
    “We do believe in efficient healthcare, but we strongly support the family unit. We’re not supportive of money being spent on gender changes, for example,” Lipp said. 
    The CHP Canada will decrease the costs of essential healthcare basics, rather than elective surgeries. 
    Lipp encourages Bow River residents to keep their family unit’s strong enough to be able to care for seniors. 
    “If you keep the family strong, then seniors can be very often cared for at home,” Lipp said. 

     “It’s very important that the government not major in that space, but rather that it leads and encourages the family units to take care of their elderly for as long as possible,” he said. 

    Adding, “The government should back off a bit, and let the families take care of their own as best they can. Only stepping in when it’s absolutely necessary.”

    Along with ensuring seniors have appropriate care and a space to live, there will be a high priority set for veterans under CHP Canada governance. 
    “They have sacrificed a lot to keep Canada glorious and free, and we need to recognize that,” Lipp said. 

    It is also important for Lipp that property owners have the right to defend themselves and their properties. 
    “Police and law enforcement are back up, and not the initial way of defense. I’m very concerned that forces and activities outside of Canada can make life miserable for Canada farmers,” Lipp said. 

    Potential rules and regulations set for landowners can cause interference rather than overcoming rural crime. 
    “The RCMP can’t be everywhere, that’s just a reality. The law should be on the side of the farmer rather than the unwelcome visitor,” Lipp added. “The way things are going, it’s backward, it’s horrible.”

    Under the CHP Canada governance, Lipp will ensure that the government does not give local areas centrally planned solutions regarding schooling. 
    “The guidelines that we would like to see implemented is more choices in education, and that encourages options including home education,” Lipp said. 

    “We don’t want the government to be invasive and in every area of people’s lives,” Lipp said. 

    Lipp is also focusing on fighting climate change, including the dumping of heavy metals into the ocean. 
    “This humanity has a responsibility for managing the planet. We can’t be irresponsible,” Lipp said. 
    “Climate change is real, but how much of it is actually caused by human activity, is what’s up for debate. I believe to some extent all of the attention that climate change is getting is a case of misguided altruism,” he said. 
    Although Canadians have good intentions, there is now an inflated view of their impact on the environment. 
    Currently governments are grasping at straws, rather than dealing with other pollutants such as the dumping of heavy metals in the ocean. There are more important issues that we need to deal with,” Lipp said. 
    The right to freedom of speech is a topic that Lipp is prepared to fight for, he added. 
    “Bill C-16 essentially makes it illegal to say there are only two genders, male and female. I can see that being a hot topic, but you should not shut down the debate just because people have a different opinion,” Lipp said. 
    Along with freedom of speech, another important topic for Lipp is the right to life.
    “Canada has no abortion law, and the majority of Canadians want an abortion law,” Lipp said. 
    Lastly, the Energy East pipeline is a no brainer for Lipp.
    “It’s absolutely ridiculous that the liberal government caved into the wishes of Quebec and shut down the Energy East pipelines. Pipelines are a must, and they are a necessity, it’s essential for Canadian unity,” Lipp said. 
    “We need change. Lukewarm conservatism is not good enough. It’s not strong enough to turn the ship around,” he said.

    He added, “We need decisions that are based upon unchanging truths, and unchanging principles to withstand the pressures from the United Nations, Europe, and Eastern Canada.”

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    1. Elisabet

      October 15, 2019 at 11:56 am

      I am very excited about your platform and what you have to say about the current government. I agree that pipelines are essential, the environment is over-emohasized, and our health care should not be paying for sex changes, as well as more choice for schools.
      Thank you for running and you may well get my vote!