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  • Chestermere haunted house continuing to scare the community with Halloween scene

    Residents are encouraged to bring a donation for the Chestermere Food Bank


    In response to COVID-19, Dr. Giggles House of Pain Haunted House is saying to Hell with 2020 and building a Halloween scene.

    “It will be all killer and no filler. The whole garage is going to be hell,” Mike Koroll said.

    This year, due to COVID-19, the Dr. Giggles House of Pain Haunted House crew is unable to build the regular haunted house, and instead are focusing on building a Halloween scene that residents can enjoy while socially distancing and following COVID-19 guidelines. 

    “What you see it what you’re going to get. People can step up to the garage and look inside if they want,” Koroll said.

    “We don’t have the maze, and that’s a huge kick in the teeth. We could’ve let COVID-19 beat us, or we could move forward and have a different look and a different vibe,” he added. “If it turns out the way I want it to turn out, people will be blown away. We’ve set the bar very high over the years, and I don’t want to go backwards.”

    To create the Halloween scene, Koroll’s driveway will be transformed into an apocalyptic scene, with corpses on pikes, rubble, barrels of fire, and Satan’s throne in the middle of the garage. 

    “The gates of hell are coming, they will eat the whole driveway, but we’ll leave a gap if people want to walk up into the scene,” Koroll said.

    “Getting jump scares is the challenge this year. The alternative was to do nothing, and I don’t think anybody wants that, this is our answer to COVID-19,” he said.

    Anyone coming to view the Halloween scene is encouraged to bring a donation for the Chestermere Food Bank.