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  • Chestermere tax deadline delayed until September

    Finance staffers will contact residents who deferred payments in August

    stamp taxes with red text on white
    stamp taxes with red text over white background

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Chestermere delayed the tax payment deadline until Sept. 1.

    Chestermere residents will receive the 2020 Tax Notice during the first week of August, and it will include municipal taxes and provincial education taxes that are collected by the municipality on behalf of the provincial government.

    “We recognize that COVID-19 has impacted many people financially,” said Mayor Marshall Chalmers. 

    Adding, “As a City Council, we were pleased to offer some assistance to our community by delaying the due date and providing the option to defer tax payments and utility payments for a few months.”

    Usually, Chestermere residents pay taxes monthly or in a lump sum by July 31. However, due to COVID-19, the City of Chestermere offered a tax deferral program, which allowed residents to pay by lump sum until Sept. 1 without incurring late fees or interest or defer monthly payments. 

    For residents who are a part of the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) no action is required upon receipt of the bill, and the monthly rate will be automatically adjusted on Sept. 15. 

    For residents who pay through a mortgage company, again no action is required upon receipt of the bill as the mortgage company will arrange payment. 

    Taxes are due on or before Sept. 1 for residents who pay in a lump sum, payments can be made over the phone, mail, or online banking.

    The city finance staffers will be contacting residents who deferred their payment in August to set up a mutually agreed payment plan.

    To join the monthly payment plan, or for additional information please contact taxes@chestermere.ca.