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  • City Council working to bring Amazing Neighbour Week to Chestermere

    The Amazing Neighbour Week will promote strong and inclusive neighbourhoods, while spreading kindness and gratitude

    City Council working to bring Amazing Neighbour Week to Chestermere
    City Council working to bring Amazing Neighbour Week to Chestermere

    A motion was carried that directed city administration to bring a resolution to city council for consideration to move forward with an Amazing Neighbour Week during the March 10 Committee of the Whole meeting.

    The Amazing Neighbour Week proposed for August 9 until August 15 will promote the City of Chestermere’s strategic vision to have safe and inclusive neighbourhoods within the community.

    “The whole idea was to essentially encourage neighbours to get to know their neighbours and the neighbours of neighbours,” said Chestermere City Councillors Ritesh Narayan.

    “There are so many advantages to that, everything from a reduction of crime, but more importantly, it enhances the quality of life,” he said.

    Not only will the Amazing Neighbour Week give residents an opportunity to meet their neighbours and build relationships, but it will also promote a strong and resilient community, natural surveillance for each other, and enhanced safety.

    The Amazing Neighbour Week will also give neighbours a chance to express themselves, learn about others’ cultures, traditions, and hobbies while spreading kindness, support, humanity, and gratitude throughout the community. 

    “We want to make our neighbourhoods amazing, and I think this would be a great way to do it,” said Chestermere City Councillor Mel Foat.

    At the Dec. 17 Regular Meeting of Council, a notice of motion was brought to council for

    the Amazing Neighbour Week to take place throughout a week rather than one-day.

    “Usually neighbours don’t get a lot time. If we do proclaim Amazing Neighbour Week to a particular day, and they are busy on that day, it defeats the purpose. We’re calling it a week. It’s not that they should be doing things with each other every day, it’s within that one-week frame that neighbours take out the time for each other,” Narayan said.

    “It will encourage neighbours to actually take out the time, which is why we suggested we don’t just allocate a day but a whole week, because one thing we don’t have in society, unfortunately, is time for ourselves, and time for our neighbours,” he said.

    Adding, “The whole week gives an opportunity for residents to go out, make an effort, say hello, have a beer together, or mow your neighbour’s lawn, whatever way you want to celebrate.”