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  • City working to create a more inclusive community 

    City administration is working to create a terms of reference for the new Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee


    City administration is creating a Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee terms of reference for council to review following the Oct. 6 Regular Meeting of Council.

    “This particular committee would have a focus on objectives that were outlined in councils strategic vision, including championing a safe community, prioritizing senior-friendly neighbourhoods, growing with purpose, providing high-quality services and amenities, in addition to creating opportunities for connecting and fostering social and cultural inclusion and diversity,” said the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Bernie Morton.

    The Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee would provide recommendations to council and administration on some of the needs and issues residents face who have accessibility challenges, such as physical, sensory, cognitive, or different types of impairments.

    The ultimate goal of the Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee would be to outline and identify the challenges residents face and work with city administration and council to mitigate the challenges.

    The responsibilities of the committee would be to review policies and procedures, promote inclusiveness and awareness, and identify barriers.

    “Accessibility challenges into our buildings, and accessibility challenges throughout the community could be identified through an audit,” Morton said.

    To complete an audit, the Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee members would walk around the community with experts and identify physical barriers.

    “Those who have the day to day challenges would be in a far better place to identify a barrier or a challenge when those who aren’t facing accessibility challenges would simply see it as a normal course of business,” Morton said.

    “We do have the good fortune of having Councillor Foat, who frequently brings to my attention some particular challenges that he can view and experience through his lens, and we’re wanting to expand that to a more wholesome committee,” he said.

    Adding, “It’s not simply relied on by a couple of people, but something that we can embrace wholeheartedly as a community.”

    Councillor Mel Foat is excited for the opportunity to champion the Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee when it comes into effect.    

    “I want to say thank you, Bernie, for coming up with this committee. I’m really looking forward to a project that I can sink my teeth into,” Foat said.

    Deputy Mayor Ritesh Narayan added, “This is absolutely fantastic. Council values inclusion a lot and this goes a long way to exemplify inclusion. I’m really happy with this movement, I completely support it.”