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  • Orange Shirt Day opening the floor for community discussions

    Orange Shirt Day will consist of guest speakers, workshops, and group discussions 

    Orange Shirt Day opening the floor for community discussions
    Chestermere residents are encouraged to participate in discussions surrounding the impacts of residential schools for Orange Shirt Day on Sept. 30. The event is a partnership between Coffee & Culture and the Rotary Club of Chestermere. Photo submitted by Karen McKee

    Chestermere Coffee & Culture in partnership with the Rotary Club of Chestermere is inviting the community to join them at Camp Chestermere to participate in discussions regarding the effects of residential schools for Orange Shirt Day. The event will be on Sept. 30

    Due to COVID-19 protocols, only 35 guests will be permitted join the Orange Shirt Day event in-person at Camp Chestermere. The event will also be offered online through a Zoom meeting.

    “We want to keep the conversation going with respect to the effects of residential schools, and the impact it still has today,” said Coffee & Culture Founder, Ritesh Narayan.

    “The relevance of Orange Shirt Day is profound because for our society to remember not only of the impact residential schools had in the past when they were operational, but the effect it continues to have. We will be getting into the larger conversation of intergenerational trauma, how people are still being affected and how they will continue to be effected actions that happened years ago,” he said.  

    Throughout the evening, elected officials and elders will speak while small workshops and discussions will be facilitated.

    “It’s a team effort, essentially Coffee & Culture has partnered up with the Rotary Club of Chestermere, this is a great exemplification of where the community gets together to have serious discussions such as the impact of residential schools,” Narayan said.

    To register for the event in-person please visit the Camp Chestermere website at https://www.campchestermere.com/.

    Face coverings are required for anyone attending the event in-person.