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  • A Chestermere Institution Celebrates Her 90th

    A Chestermere Institution Celebrates Her 90TH Leny Volunteering At The Whitecappers
    A Chestermere Institution Celebrates Her 90TH Leny Volunteering At The Whitecappers Photo: Peter Tindall

    The year is 1975. The Summer Village of Chestermere welcomed a new family who helped boost Chestermere’s population to the 210 residents recorded in 1976.

    There have been many changes to Chestermere since then and they have all been witnessed by Leny Zietz. Leny turns 90 this month and she is still going strong as an active member of the Chestermere community. 

    Leny was born in Belgrade, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) in 1931. She and her family relocated to Germany, where she met her husband, Herman. Leny and Herman immigrated to Canada in the early 1950s, settling first in Toronto, where they had their son Peter, and then finally in Calgary where daughters Rose and Lorie were born. In 1975 they built their home in Chestermere. Herman is no longer with us but Leny still resides in the home they built with her daughter Rose and her son-in-law Alan. 

    Leny excelled at swimming, tennis, badminton, skiing and hiking. An adventurous spirit led her and Herman to travel the world together, from South America to South Asia, and many places in between. Closer to home, together they would hike deep into the Southern Rockies to camp, sometimes for several weeks, but they always returned to their home in Chestermere. Her love of travel has been passed down to her grandchildren, Megan and Lucas, who are grateful to have gone on trips with her to places as far away as Australia and Hawaii. 

    Leny is a Life Member of the Chestermere Whitecappers 50+ Association. A lifelong volunteer, Leny still pitches in at Whitecappers events and actively participates in yoga, the coffee group, and other Whitecappers social activities. Leny enjoys her walks and chatting with neighbours out on the pathways of Chestermere. When not out walking or at the Whitecappers she may be found playing card games on her tablet. She is loved by her family, who are extremely grateful for their matriarch “Gma”. 

    When you meet Leny, you are meeting the living memory of this community. On November 27, please join us in wishing her a very Happy Birthday.


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      November 23, 2021 at 5:49 pm

      Please let me know who I contact at Chestermere Anchor to submit a press release for an upcoming theatre production Thank you,
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