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  • Chestermere to Allow House Boat Complex on the Lake

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    Your Trusted Source for Chestermere SATIRE By Dr. Preston Pouteaux

    Floating Homes Inc. are claiming a win as the City of Chestermere moves forward with a new plan to allow for floating barges on Lake Chestermere. Mike J. P. Wilson from the city planning development office said that large scale barges are cutting edge and will make for a creative new product stream for developers.

    “You should see these barges, some are two or three stories tall and they can be strapped together to create whole floating villages,” said Wilson. While the technology for basic houseboats is common in some ocean-side communities, the addition of 150–200 large house barges on lake Chestermere are welcomed news for developers in our city.

    “This is brand-new territory for us. But we think residents will love the idea of parking in the Tim Horton’s parking lot, picking up a Timmies, and rowing out to their little slice of paradise,” said Jim Hansen, the CEO of Floating Homes Inc. “There is so much unused real estate out on the lake, I’m just amazed that no one has thought about doing this before.”


    1. Sher

      October 6, 2021 at 11:21 am

      Is this a joke? Seriously 150-200 barge homes on the size of this lake? Maybe the Okanogan but Chestermere Lake?Where do you think this number of barges could possibly be situated? In the Cove? Really? Pretty sure that will not look great when you are sitting at the Pavillion? What about the homes that built and the parks where you can walk around the Cove? Maybe I read this wrong but No this lake can not sustain this and sorry but would take away the aesthetics of a small lake. What about sewer and water? What about the fact that the lake goes down in the fall? So does our current council thinks this is appropriate development? The total ambiance of this City is deteriorating if we allow this kind of development as well as the golf course redevelopment. I want to know which of the candidates agree with this and they will not get my vote this election.

      • Steve Jeffrey

        October 26, 2021 at 3:02 pm

        Sher – it is Satire – see the top of the page 🙂