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  • Council carries first reading of Chestermere Transit Bylaw

    The Chestermere Transit Bylaw is modelled after the Calgary Transit Bylaw 

    Council carries first reading of Chestermere Transit Bylaw

    Chestermere City Council carried the first reading of the Chestermere Transit Bylaw, during the Regular Meeting of Council on March 2.

    As the City of Chestermere continues to explore transit options for our residents, Municipal Enforcement has been collaborating with the City of Calgary to develop a Municipal Bylaw specifically designated for transit property or on any public transit vehicle, within the city. 

    “This proposed bylaw is narrow in scope and specifically designed to define what would be acceptable behavior while using public transit,” said Peace Officer Sgt., Trever Bowman.

    The Chestermere Transit Bylaw will be enforced by Calgary Transit Peace Officers, as it was determined the bylaw will model the existing Calgary Transit Bylaw.

    Under the Chestermere Transit Bylaw, transit fares will be determined by Calgary Transit, and the Director of Calgary Transit can authorize the issue of tickets, transfers, permits, and passes.

    Individuals cannot bring aboard a dog on any transit vehicle unless the dog is secured by a leash, or in a cage, the dog cannot occupy any seat, or move around the transit vehicle interfering with other passengers, there will also be no fare payable for a service dog.

    General prohibitions under the Chestermere Transit Bylaw include, individuals cannot interfer with the normal operations of windows and doors, no riding, standing, or holding on to any portion of the exterior, no bicycles, tricycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, or motorcycles, no devices to amplify music, no food or drink consumption, no smoking of tobacco, cannabis, or other substances, and no riding of skateboards, rollerskates, rollerblades.

    Individuals also cannot cross the safety line near the edge of the transit spot or transit station except for the purpose of entering or leaving the transit vehicle, attempt to enter or leave a transit vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or when the operator has declared it’s unsafe to leave.

    “I’m so glad we are moving forward on this transit bylaw,” said Deputy Mayor Mel Foat.