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  • COVID in the Rear View. Where shall we go now?

    We will not go back to Normal.
    Normal never was. Our Pre-COVID existence was not normal
    Other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction. . .
    We should not long to return, my friends.
    We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment.
    One that fits all humanity and nature.                     By S. Taylor

    As we gently emerge from our COVID Cocoon, we have choices to make about the tapestry of our own lives and how it weaves into the greater world around us. The past no longer dictates the future. Get used to going forward into an unknowable future.

    The COVID time has been like 6 major volcano’s erupting one after the other: Social, Economical, Psychological, Ethical, Political, and Technological. (D. Lapin, 2021)

    We, as human beings need, want and seek human connection. There is no natural flow of energy through a screen. Quality connection is restorative to our inner energy, qualities like: empathy, sharing, gratitude and love. We lose our energy, our life force, without human connection and this manifests as fatigue and depletion.

     Fatigue shows up because the muscles of your mind and body are at the point of exhaustion and require rest and recuperation. Depletion relates to emotions, intellect, spirit and soul are tired. When these inner resources of energy are drained, you feel low energy, low spirit, overwhelmed, desire seclusion, sleep does not leave you refreshed. Take stock of your level of fatigue and depletion right now.

    If you are feeling fatigued: try not to schedule anything, restore strength and rest; Postpone your “TO DO” lists; decrease screen time for quality sleep, bedtime routine, schedule rest and light exercise throughout your day, turn off in the evening, take one day off during the week.

    If you are feeling depleted: Meditate; connect with nature, plant therapy; Curate your social media content; seek beauty around you, like inspiring music rich in sound; re-channel your energy; have clear work/home boundaries especially if you work from home, encourage real connections; look inward; journal.

    Take this pandemic time in the rear view mirror to make the choices that resonated for you about the restrictions; pace of life, shopping habits, entertaining, sleep, travel. This will guide you in how to emerge from your COVID Cocoon, what to bring forward with you as you carry on now. Give purpose to this time.

    Check in with how you are truly feeling in this moment. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frenetic, stressed, unmotivated, just not yourself, worried, anxious, fearful, you are not alone, but please be aware. 

     Perhaps try some of the above suggestions for fatigue and depletion. Know that you can call a friend or family member. Know that there is help available to you and reach out. Your Family Doctor is a good place to reach for help. If you do not have a Family Doctor call CRPCN at 403-901-0142 or go online to albertafindadoctor.ca

    Within our community, the Chestermere and AreaMental Health Coalition has a comprehensive list of resources for helping. See our poster of local resources below:.

    Further supports in Calgary:

    • Access Mental Health: provides non urgent info, consultation and referrals for addiction and mental health concerns. 403-943-1500/1-844-943-1500.
    • AHS Mental Health Line: 1-877-303-2642.
    • Distress Centre: 403-266-4357, available 24/7.

    This column is offered to you by your Chestermere and Area Mental Health Coalition monthly and we thank The Anchor news for their space to reach out and connect with our readers.