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Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society fighting for golf course

Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society fighting for golf course pic 1
The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society is working to ensure the local golf course remains an amenity in the community. The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society is keeping up with council, rallying community members together who support the cause and, ensuring their voices are heard. Photo submitted by Darby King-Maillot

The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society members are working to ensure their voices are heard in keeping the local golf course

The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society is advocating to ensure the local golf course remains a recreational amenity and doesn’t turn into a housing development.

In 2020, the Lakeside Golf Course had released a statement that indicated a project to develop the golf course.

“When the opportunity to partner with Slokker Homes came along, we had to consider it seriously. It is a difficult but necessary decision. We can confirm we have signed a partnership agreement with Slokker Homes to redevelop the property, contingent on council’s approval of a future proposed community. The golf club will remain open for at least the next two seasons,” said a statement from Lakeside Golf Club Managing Partners, Glenn Carr and Wayne McBean.

“Instantly there was a huge reaction. That was the first anyone had heard of it. The golf course cannot simply decide to build houses on the golf course,” said the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society Executive Director, Darby King-Maillot. 

“The golf course is zoned special recreation, and for them to make this announcement, it created shock waves in all of Chestermere,” she said.

Adding, “It’s damaged our property value, it’s damaged the desire for people who want to live on the golf course, it’s created situations of people who were going to retire because they felt secure about their home values who are now in question if that’s the right thing to do.”

It was extremely important for King-Maillot to initiate the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society as she does not support any development that would lose the golf course.

The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society has received a lot of support from residents who are avid golfers, but also from residents who don’t golf but purchased their homes for the green space and for the views.

“We’ve had an overwhelming, supportive outreach of people in support of our cause, there’s absolutely no appetite for the development,” King-Maillot said.

“People are typically surprised to find out that there is still a fight to be had. Most people when they find out about the preservation society are pleasantly surprised to know that the fight hasn’t started, we can absolutely stand up and avoid losing our golf course,” she said.

Adding, “It’s been amazing to see our community pull together, especially in COVID-19 times, when people are separated, isolated, and not connected, we can really see the warmth and the connectedness in our community through the preservation society.”

Going forward, the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society is keeping up with council, rallying community members together who support the cause, and ensuring their voices are heard.

The Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society is now working to collect signatures for a petition against the development.

“We put together this society to make sure we can protect and stand up for the golf course. We really feel Chestermere is a better place with a vibrant, well-maintained golf course, and it’s important to us that we protect it, we stand up for it, and we support it,” King-Maillot said.

“We’re putting our foot down and saying enough is enough. We’re not going to lose our golf course to development, especially as Chestermere grows and we have all these new areas coming into play, the population who will be golfing will continue to grow,” she said.

Members of the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society have reached out to Chestermere City Council, and Mayor Marshall Chalmers, however council has not yet received a formal development proposal.

“Council hasn’t made any decisions, or had anything to decide upon,” King-Maillot said.

“The lands are designated for parks and open space use in the Municipal Development Plan. At this time, the city has not received a formal proposal for the Lakeside Partnership, but the plan described in the announcement is currently not permitted under local and provincial regulations,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bernie Morton, in a statement released in the fall.

“Any proposal to redevelop lands in a way that is different than their current designated land use would require significant changes to local laws,” Morton said.

The process to allow the lands to be developed includes a public hearing, amendments to the Municipal Development Plan, and amendments to the Land Use Bylaw.

Additional requirements could include the creation of an area redevelopment plan and the possible creation of an outline plan which would be dependent on a submitted application.

“To move forward, all components would need to be approved by city council, in adherence with the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Council has the authority to deny, approve or request changes to proposals of this nature, including requesting additional public engagement beyond the required public hearing,” Morton said.

For more information on the Lakeside Greens Golf Course Preservation Society, visit 


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  • This is a great article, several people thought it was already approved. Far from it. Some Calgary courses have shut down due to development but Lakeside is the only golf course in Chestermere. If we lose this beautiful course we will never get another. Keep fighting Chestermere.

  • Chestermere was designed as a recreational community. To lose the golf course is unthinkable. There are plenty of interested parties who would buy and run the course as a golf course. Thanks for writing about us.

  • I am sure there are opportunities to build high density housing elsewhere in this city. Not only as a resident on the course, but all residents should be a outraged by this situation. It would be a shameful decision by our council to relinquish recreation space when there is plenty of other areas already zoned for housing.

  • One of the reasons we bought our home in Chestermere was the golf coarse which I wanted my 7 year old son to grow up learning the game of golf and all the life lessons that come with it!

  • Atta girl Darby & the rest of the LGGCPS board !
    Must be something with your house ? As I recall, the previous owner had issues with the golf course owners about 12 years ago when they tried to build condos behind it 🙂

  • We need to start a campaign to oust the entire city council if this goes forward, the likes of the previous campaign to remove the corrupt city council that started CUI where millions of dollars disappeared. Chalmers and his cronies are underestimating the power of this community and we need to make them all one-termers if this goes forward.

  • The recent opening of the golf course pathways is a great way to allow those Chestermere residents who have not walked the golf course previously to enjoy the Beauty of the Open Green Space and the reason that is should be maintained as a golf course instead of being converted into a residential development. We (all Chestermere residents) need to Sign the petition under lakesidegreenspreservation.com to support their efforts to stop any residential development

  • Amending comment on website should read as lakesidepreservation.com to sign petition and find up to date information.

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