Prairie Waters students show appreciation for hospital staff

Prairie Waters students show appreciation for hospital staff

Students delivered letters of appreciation to the staff at Peter Lougheed 

Two Prairie Waters Elementary School students delivered letters and cards from the school to staff at the Peter Lougheed Hospital to show they are appreciated for their efforts during the pandemic.

“I wanted to cheer all the hospital staff up because they were feeling tired because of COVID. They needed encouragement when people were protesting,” said grade two student, Kaia Ozcan.

Students at the school wrote over 100 letters and wrapped them with ribbons before delivering them to hospital staff.

“I think they were happy, grateful, and surprised,” Ozcan said. “My friend Kendall went to the hospital with me to deliver the letters. I would like to say thank you to all of the hospital workers for all of their hard work at helping people recover from COVID.”

For Prairie Waters Elementary School Principal, Michelle Doz, it was important for the two students to know they could make a difference in the same way adults do.

“We believe our students can make a positive change in the world,” Doz said. 

The school supports students agency and choice through the International Baccalaureate Program and empowers them to take on issues and find ways to give back to their community.

“Kaia saw a need and wanted to bring awareness to the work being done by our medical first responders. They wanted to acknowledge the hardships and sacrifices they have made by sharing cards of appreciation,” Doz said.

“Through the Wellness Warriors program, hospital staff will be taking all the cards delivered and creating a wall mural so that the messages of appreciation can be shared with as many staff as possible,” Doz said.

Delivering cards wasn’t the first act of kindness the school has done for hospital staff, with organizing a parade of cars during the initial lockdown.

“Our staff decided to do a parade of cars around the neighborhood so that we could connect with our students,” Doz said. “Many of the families had made banners and signs showing their appreciation of us. Wow.”

The school also raised awareness of the needs of veterans by donating food to the Veterans Food Bank and collaborated with RCMP for a November food drive.

“Our plan is to continue this for the 12 days of Christmas by donating not only food but other items as well as cards of support and kindness. 

Our students are always ready and willing to help where needed,” Doz said.

Adding, “We are so proud of Kaia for spearheading this initiative and organizing us to give back to our first responders.”

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