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  • RCMP reminding motorists to share the road as back to school starts

    With increased traffic and children on the roads, Alberta motorists are reminded of traffic safety


    The Alberta RCMP are reminding motorists of the importance of sharing roadways responsibly, as the roads will have more traffic, busses, and children on the roads as the back-to-school season begins.

    “With the start of the school year, motorists can expect an increase of children on our streets and sidewalks. It is therefore critical that we all share the road responsibly,” said Supt. Gary Graham of the Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. 

    Adding, “Remember, when entering a school or playground zone, always drive with caution. Slow down and stay alert.”

    Motorists are reminded to give themselves enough time to get to their destination, as it prevents speeding and ensures they are focused on road safety.

    When entering a school or playground zone, slow down. Pedestrian collisions at lower speeds have a higher survivability rate and reduce serious trauma. 

    When a school bus is flashing its alternating red lights, stop and do not pass. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $567 and six demerits. However, it is not necessary to stop if the bus is on the other side of a divided highway.

    When pedestrians are crossing the street, come to a complete stop and do not block the crosswalk with your vehicle. Make eye contact with the pedestrian and ensure they have cleared the road before proceeding.

    Always follow the direction of crossing guards, keep an eye out for children, especially during school operating hours, as children can easily become distracted and do not always understand the rules of the road, and unload child passengers away from traffic and congestion or in a designated drop-off area.

    Last year, Alberta RCMP ticketed a total of 160 motorists for speeding in a school or playground zone. 

    Forty-seven of these offences occurred in September 2020 alone. According to Alberta Health Services (AHS), incidents involving child pedestrians occur most frequently in September and October.

    For more traffic safety information, follow Alberta RCMP on Facebook @RCMPinAlberta or on Twitter @RCMPAlberta.