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  • Seniors update – review the Vaccine Booster Criteria

    How are you doing as we head into winter? If you have challenges around shorter days, dark evenings, and Seasonal Affective Disorder, you are not alone!

    Please consider taking your Vitamin D. Health Canada recommends for adults up to 4,000 IU per day, especially in the winter months. Using the Light Therapy lamps is helpful too. Watching some great armchair travel to warm places helps the mind, mood and the feelings around living in the warmth and sunshine. And remember to get outside and move at least 30 minutes a day😊 


    Have you downloaded and printed your QR Code yet? If you need help with this, please call 811 or ask a friend, neighbor or the Chestermere Registry for a printed copy. We will need this Code now along with Picture Identification to access many public places including most restaurants. QR codes can be accessed via alberta.ca/CovidRecords.

    For the Travellers: Please refer to the CAN arrive app for all travel guidelines both domestically and internationally.

    Please be aware of the new Vaccine Booster Criteria as ages 70 years and older as well as all First Nations, Metis and Inuit are now able to receive their third booster shot at your nearest Pharmacy or through AHS. 

    As we ride down this 4th Wave, please consider your next steps. There are currently 28 active cases in Chestermere. The Covid Fatigue is very real and evident for all of us. Continue with safe measures that give you peace of mind as we decondition ourselves back to a normal life.

    Our CRPCN Clinic in Rainbow Falls continues to accept new Patients to our Nurse Practitioners. Please call for a Meet and Greet at 587-333-3751 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists. Did you know that when your doctor or nurse practitioner belongs to the PCN, you have access to our team of professional staff: Registered Nurses, Dietician, Diabetic Nurses, Footcare Specialists as well as coverage for up to 5 physio appointments if ordered with your doctor or NP?

    Community – What’s on

    Check out the CRPCN.ca website to see what great courses we are offering this winter both in person and virtually. Happiness Basics is another great program that runs in Chestermere virtually for 4weeks in January 2022. 

    Camp Chestermere; Holiday Fun Dec 4th, holiday baking available for pick up Dec 4th. Food Bank donations.

    Chestermere Coalition for Seniors – We plan to meet virtually on December 15th at 1:30pm. Please email Leslie Racz if you would like to join in and bring a friend.  We would really enjoy having you. We will be discussing all things Seniors. This is the community run Seniors Voice, please come and be heard. Please contact Leslie.racz@crpcn.ca  for updates or enquiries.

    Save the date – December 02, Teleconference City of Chestermere –– Building Connections 

    Guest Speakers are: 

    Joanne Simpson – Joanne has a background in Psychology as well as Disability Studies and has worked in Rural Addiction & Mental Health for 10+ years. 

    Natasha Lausen – Obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. Natasha’s clinical experience, has been primarily practicing on the Medical Psychiatry Unit at the Peter Lougheed Centre, most recently as a Nurse Clinician. Natasha, joined the team at the Strathmore and Chestermere Mental Health Clinic in July 2021, and have been practicing in the role of Psychogeriatric Outreach Nurse.

    Topic – Building Connections – During these times it seems difficult to connect with others.  In this session we will discuss the impact of isolation, the benefits of associating with others and ideas on how to build connections. If you would like to register, please contact smatthewman@chestermere.ca  or call 403 – 804 – 0817 with your preference for joining. 

    Save the date December 10 – Virtual Holiday event contact smatthewman@chestermere.ca for more details.

    Older Adults Supports, Programs and Services

    How can we help? Are you facing challenges in your day to day life, or having difficulties in navigating systems while looking for information for yourself or other family members. Perhaps filling out Government forms is overwhelming, maybe you would like to just sit and chat a while. We are here for you. The last eighteen months have taken a huge toll on us all and we want to make sure that we can help you to access, what you really need.

    We are happy to meet you in a location convenient to you (Please note we are unable to do home visits). What ever your needs, please contact Sharron Matthewman, Older Adults & Community Development Facilitator at 403-207- 7050 or email smatthewman@chestermere.ca 


    We have Senior’s Resource Handbooks available at the meeting and in the library, please pick yours up or take one for a neighbor. You can access these books by emailing Leslie @ leslie.racz@crpcn.ca or contact Sharron Matthewman, on 403-207- 7050 at the City of Chestermere. 

    One – stop shop for older adults and seniors programming, events and information! https://www.chestermere.ca/658/Programs-for-Seniors 

    Armchair Travel 

    Armchair Travel is one of the most wonderful ways to look into our fantastic, vast world and learn as much as our hearts desire. We can travel to some of our favorite places without leaving home.  Through videos, pod casts, books and music and numerous other ways, we can go to places we have never seen, or only ever dreamed of. This way of travelling, is a delightful pastime and is good for the imagination and soul. After all, we are curious individuals and have a thirst for knowledge!

    Ready? Let’s take a look at Let’s take a look at Egypt– Known as the land of Pyramids and Pharaohs (Arabic: مِصر‎, romanized: Miṣr), officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia by a land bridge, formed by the Sinai Peninsula.(Wikipedia.org). Public transport including the rail network, are the best ways to get around this fascinating country. One of the oldest civilisations in the world, a dream for architecture and art lovers. Diverse cultures and celebrations of ancient Egyptian religion and Abrahamic religions, deserts, beautiful beaches and coastlines, home to monuments, tombs and artifacts and the great Pyramids.  Egypt has it all!  A great Winter destination and all year round too, for you to immerse yourself in.

    To prepare for our trip, please follow the steps for a relaxing journey. Step 1 – Pour yourself a cup of tea or your favorite tipple, Step 2- kick off your shoes, Step 3 – pull up a comfy chair.

    *Please note their may be adverts during these videos.

    10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt – Travel Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsv4drcgHys  13:25 mins

    Top 10 Things to do in Egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWBX6A1cIlo  8:16mins

    Egypt with Drone HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mv1meQEagY  1:25 mins

    Pyramid Walking Tour – Inside Djoser’s Step Pyramid Complex – The Oldest Stone Building https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_-aMl4jcu0  26:30 mins

    Please take care and stay safe,
    Leslie & Sharron 

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