Council updates CUI board bylaw 

The CUI board bylaw now aligns with the Municipal Government Act

Chestermere City Council made changes to the CUI board rules during a special meeting on Jan. 3.

Council carried changes to the bylaw to fit with the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

“The MGA allows council to call a special meeting with more than 24 hours’ notice, we want to add that to the CUI board rules,” Mayor Jeff Colvin said.

If a board meeting is called in less than 24-hours, two-thirds of the board members must agree to the meeting. 

“We want to match what the MGA requires,” Colvin said. 

At least two regular CUI board meetings must be completed each year. Board meetings can be conducted separately, or as a part of City Council meetings, depending on the nature of business. 

Any motion made by the board of directors will have the same effect if made in council meetings.

Notice of the time and date of the meeting will be provided to each director no less than 48 hours before the proposed meeting and must specify the purpose of the meeting.

The board chairperson can call a special board meeting within 24 hours, that specifies the purpose of the meeting, as long as board members agree. 

During the special meeting, the council also accepted the Webster land purchase contract ratified subject to legal review.

“It’s exciting that we’re working with a group looking to purchase the Webster land. They are looking to buy the Webster land in stages, as we move to subdivide the land,” Colvin said. 

Adding, “This is going to be quite the benefit for Chestermere if everyone comes through. It’s going to be very exciting.”

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