Local BMX rider takes podium in USA BMX National Series

Local BMX rider takes podium in USA BMX National Series pic 2
The Lolacher family road-tripped to Las Vegas so six-year-old BMX racer Ryker Lolacher could compete in the USA BMX National Series. Ryker having the opportunity to travel outside of Canada, see the Las Vegas Strip at night, and watching the lights and water shows were some of the highlights of the trip for Ryker's father Colin Lolacher. Photo submitted by Colin Lolacher

Ryker Lolacher has big BMX plans for the summer

Six-year-old BMX rider Ryker Lolacher has returned from his road trip to Las Vegas to compete in the USA BMX National Series.

There were approximately 1,750 riders competing from across North and South America, ranging from four years old to riders in their 50’s.

“It went unbelievably well,” Ryker’s father Colin Lolacher said.

Throughout the four-day series, Ryker competed in two classes, the mixed open, and 20inch wheel class. The riders had two 20-minute sessions to learn the racetrack before the competition began.

“Ryker was strong right from the first practice lap. Normally he takes his time to learn a track and gets faster as he learns it,” Colin said. “The first gate dropped in practice, and he just went for it. He learned the track very well and found his pace very quickly.”

Ryker practiced for the series for two months. 

“I think the event went really well. I had a lot of fun racing some really fast kids. It was nice getting to have some of my Alberta teammates and friends down there to watch and cheer on as well,” Ryker said.

For Colin and his wife, it was amazing to watch Ryker grow as a rider in the four-day series, how quickly he adapted to the American racing style, and show how aggressive he can be on the track. 

Not only was it important for Ryker to compete in the series for the experience of racing outside of Canada, but also to see how other riders his age race.

“Ryker exceeded our expectations by adapting to the energy of the event and was feeding off of it. The race days are very long, but he was so happy being there the entire time,” Colin said. 

Ryker won a moto race and a semi-final race and finished with third place.

“It was a very big moment for him, he worked so hard all weekend scoring better positions each main event,” Colin said.

Each day Ryker improved. He went from fifth place on the first day, to fourth place on the second day, and third place on the third day.

Although the family traveled to the U.S. for Ryker to compete in the series, having the time together as a family was very special.

“It was also great to do this event as a road trip as we got to spend a lot of time in the car with him and it reminds us that he is just six years old as at times when he is on his bike, he looks a lot older,” Colin said. 

Ryker getting to travel outside of Canada to race, see the Las Vegas Strip at night, watch the lights and water shows, and visit the shops were only some of the highlights for Colin.

Now that Ryker is back in Chestermere, he will continue to practice at Bline in Calgary, and at the Alberta Indoor Bicycle Centre in Olds for the duration of the winter. 

“It’s still very cold and snowy here so that means he won’t be at the Chestermere bike park anytime soon,” Colin said. 

The family has plans to attend a few more events in the U.S.

Ryker will also be racing in the Alberta BMX series and the UCI Canadian BMX Nationals this summer.

The family is extending a huge thank you to everyone who video chatted, commented, called, and watched Ryker in the series.

“The amount of people from Canada watching the event via live stream was almost overwhelming for him. He had no idea so many people were cheering him on,” Colin said.

Without the support of Bombshell Canada Factory team, Dan Porier, William and Sarah Hickey, Brian and Colleen Lee, Kris Mitschke, and Tyler Clemence

of Yess Factory Canada, Kiran Kawa of On The Box Clinics, and coach Nicholas Bass, this experience for Ryker wouldn’t have been possible.

“A final thank goes out to Dave and Mike from the USA Bombshell Factory Team for welcoming us with open arms and making sure we were taken care of,” Colin said.

Ryker’s sponsors include Bombshell Avent Canada Factory, Ryno Power Canada, 100% Canada, Atlas Neck Braces, Eville Empire Clothing, and On The Box Clinics.


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