Sale of Chestermere Recreation centre negotiations ceased

Rocky View County has ceased negotiations between Chestermere City Council.

Rocky View County has ceased negotiations regarding the sale of Chestermere recreation centre with Chestermere City Council.

On June 15, city council received a letter of correspondence from Rocky View County regarding negotiations around the sale of the Chestermere recreation centre, Legislative Advisor Jerry Gautreau said during the June 21 Regular Council meeting.

Administration was directed to withdraw from current and any future negotiations with the City of Chestermere for the sale of the recreation centre, Gautreau explained.

“This was councils’ direction that they would like to see something done, but unfortunately this is the letter we have in front of us today,” Gautreau said. “As it sits right now, council was to negotiate, it looks like the negotiations have ceased right now. Hopefully, we can bring it back to conversations at a future date.”

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