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Spring’s here, and that means Alberta’s farmers and ranchers are back at work! As the season blooms, so does the presence of slow-moving farm equipment on rural roads, which can create a hazard for farm equipment operators and motorists.
Did you know that according to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting program, 13% of farm-related fatalities in Canada are due to traffic incidents, with tractors being involved most often? Let’s stay vigilant this spring and ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

For Farmers and Ranchers:

Avoid driving during peak traffic hours, bad weather and at night.
Ensure that all warning flashers, flags, lights, and slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblems are clean, visible and in good working condition.
Be vigilant for passing vehicles, especially when making left turns.
Avoid contact with overhead power lines.
Stay alert for potential hazards like soft shoulders, narrow bridges, loose gravel, bumps and potholes.
Check out our video for more helpful tips:

Travel Tips for Motorists

Watch out for slow-moving farm equipment. These vehicles typically travel at speeds of 30-40 km/hour. Stay patient and slow down to react safely.
Watch for vehicles marked with slow-moving vehicle signs (a bright orange triangle with a red border) and flashing amber lights.
Do not drive in equipment blind spots where operators cannot see you. Stay back a safe distance – at least 50 feet, when following.
Be aware of intersections where farm equipment might turn.
Check out our video for more information:

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About Ag for Life

Ag for Life (Agriculture for Life) has the mandate to deliver educational programming designed to improve rural and farm safety while building public understanding around the agricultural industry.
Ag for Life is made possible through the funding and commitment of companies that employ almost 20,000 people in more than 350 Alberta communities. Founding Members include AdFarm, Glacier FarmMedia, Nutrien, Rocky Mountain Equipment and UFA Co-operative Limited. Find out more at more information, contact:

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