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Columnists - Jai Murugan


Historians, those intellectual masters of combining research, imagination, and occasionally absurd fiction, propose felt originated over 7000 years ago. Truly...

Columnists - Mansoor Ladha

A lesson from Bollywood

One of my favourite Indian movies, called My Name Is Khan, ran packed houses in Calgary. My Name Is Khan has a powerful message. In these days of tensions and...

Columnists - Bruce McAllister

Projects on the go as your MLA

The air these days is definitely a little crisper and now that the kids are back in school, our household, like so many of yours, has become a flurry of after...

Columnists - Tamara Gehring

Winter Season Foods To Add To Your Diet

As you go about your diet at this time of the year, it’s important to consider all the winter foods coming out that you should be including in your plan...

Columnists - Mansoor Ladha

Time to end ant-U.S. protests

There is a new anti-American protest somewhere every day. I can’t keep with the count. It seems the Muslim world has gone mad judging by the widespread...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Oaked Beer

You may have witnessed one of those stuffy wine snobs taking a sip from a carefully swirled glass, then exclaiming to all within earshot that this particular...

Columnists - Jai Murugan


With ocean waves, wavy comes in degrees. Not just the waves, but peoples’ perceptions too. It’s always amazing how assorted people at different...

Columnists - Kevin Sorenson

Standing Up to Immigration Fraudsters

I am preparing for the Autumn Session of Parliament in Ottawa that begins on Monday September 17 with a meeting of the Conservative National Caucus before the...

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