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  • Rocky View gives out tree coupons for recycled Christmas trees

    County to reward recyclers with free replacement seedlings

    ROCKY VIEW – As the holiday season comes to a close, faux Christmas trees will be packed back into their boxes for the year. As for the real trees, Rocky View County is hoping that more will be recycled this year, and to increase the number of trees recycled, they will be providing residents a good deal for those who make a green choice.
    Rocky View County is celebrating a “green” Christmas by giving back to the environment and providing residents a great recycling opportunity, as when residents recycles their natural Christmas tree, they will receive a free coupon for a seedling to plant in the spring.
    Reeve Rolly Ashdown said that the program was initially inspired by Alberta Environment’s “One Simple Act” program, and this is the fourth year that the County has taken part in recycling Christmas trees.
    “The County’s Solid Waste and Recycling department has made recycling programs and services more accessible to residents over the past few years,” Ashdown said. “The Christmas tree exchange is just one more example of their success in reducing waste in the County.”
    The program benefits the environment in two ways, as the natural Christmas trees are recycled, mulched and made into compost, which reduces the waste going into the landfill. In addition, the new seedlings planted in the spring will replace the trees cut down for the holiday season.
    Joanne Walroth, Solid Waste and Recycling Officer for Rocky View County, said that “Recycling your natural Christmas tree and planting a seedling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.”
    She said that planting one tree can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 90 kilograms.
    “It is thanks to partners like Bow Point Nursery and Branched Out Nursery we are able to provide the seedling coupons to make this program a success,” Walroth said.
    To receive a coupon for a seedling, residents may bring natural trees to a County transfer site in either Langdon or Bragg Creek from December 22 to January 21, or to the year-round transfer site in Irricana.
    Partner locations also take trees, but the County must be contacted to receive a coupon. Partner sites include: Crossfield (year-round), Airdrie Recycle Depot (December 26 to January 29), Cochrane Eco Centre – Recycle Depot (December 28 to January 28), Bow Point Nursery (December 22 to January 21) or Branched Out Nursery (December 22 to January 21).
    Coupons are available until January 21, 2012. If dropping off a tree at a partner location, contact the County to get the free coupon by emailing hawksley@rockyview.ca or calling 403-520-6378.
    For directions and information about the transfer sites, visit rockyview.ca.