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  • Call goes out to local gardeners


    Marnie Lee and her daughter McKenna are getting ready for growing season at the Langdon Community Gardens.

    It’s time to get growing at the Langdon Community Garden.
    With the snow melted and the temperatures rising (occasionally), the garden is ready for the spring seeding and committee members are anxious to put in the vegetables and flowers that will make the area blossom come summer.
    Committee member Marnie Lee says there are plenty of spots available for new gardeners and anyone who doesn’t have the space at home to put in their own plants.
    Lee and her 12-year-old daughter McKenna have their plot picked out, and Marnie has already put in extra time working the beds that will grow vegetables for the food bank.
    For Lee, being part of the community garden is the perfect way to connect with the Langdon community.
    “It’s working with other people and getting to know the other committee members and growing gardens,” Lee said when asked what her favourite thing is about the community garden. “It’s an interest of mine.
    “We like getting the kids involved. They can learn to grow anything from carrots and tomatoes to berries and flowers.
    “This is a great opportunity to come out and grow some vegetables. You can show the kids where their food comes from. Eating something organic without pesticides in it is also great.”
    The committee was already busy this spring, building plots, pathways and other garden features. The food bank plots have already been seeded, and it’s expected they will produce 400 lb. of fresh food this summer, with the majority of it going to the Southeast Rocky View Food Bank and the rest headed to Sarah Thompson School.
    As of the start of this month, there were 20 plots available, and the cost for the season is $45. Rookie gardeners are welcomed with open arms and will be given as much help as they want in making their plots work.
    “It’s a good chance to meet other gardeners and learn more about gardening if that’s not something you are completely comfortable with,” Lee said. “It’s a great way to bring the community together and meet your neighbours.”
    You can find out more about the project and get involved by going to langdoncommunitygarden.com.