Future of Prince of Peace School remains unresolved

Final decision of schools future postponed for further deliberations

On Feb. 7 the Rocky View School (RVS) Board passed a motion to postpone the deliberations regarding the viability and future of the Prince of Peace School until their next meeting on March 7.

“The board needs further time to continue lease negotiations on the current Prince of Peace building,” said RVS Board Chair and Ward 3 Trustee Todd Brand.

The building owner, Sage Properties Corp., sent a lease proposal to the board on Feb. 6, and based on the terms of the lease, the board decided the best way forward was to continue negotiations for another month.

“We were unable during the deliberation in camera to come to an agreement on that particular lease agreement,” Brand said.

The RVS Board has been looking at possible solutions to keep the Prince of Peace program running next school year.

Work by RVS has included looking into the possibility of leasing or purchasing the building, moving the thriving Lutheran program and RVS students to an already existing school, or closing the program entirely.

Since November of last year, the RVS Board has made two offers to purchase the building, all of which have been rejected by Sage Properties Corp.

The board evaluated all potential ways to move forward and felt as that more time to negotiate the future of the Chestermere area school was the appropriate option.

“We recognize this is not an ideal situation. We know it’s difficult for parents, staff and families to wait another month, it’s difficult on us as a board, but infinitely more difficult for everybody else here,” Brand said.

He added, “We appreciate the patient attitude of those who attended the meeting, and those who later received the news of the postponement.

“The board felt this was the right and best approach in order to make the very best decision possible.”

The RVS Board will continue to work and find the best path forward for the Prince of Peace School for the next board meeting on March. 7.

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