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Funding for Langdon school development approved 

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In November 2019, MLA Leela Sharon Aheer expressed her excitement for the Langdon School Project to Langdon grade six students. Langdon was among 25 communities in Alberta that were allotted school design funding, or school build funding The government of Alberta announced on April 27 that construction funding for the Langdon school has been approved. Rocky View Schools (RVS) is now working on the design phase of the project to ensure construction begins in a timely manner. Photo by Emily Rogers

Development is set to begin in 2021, with the school opening in 2024

The government of Alberta announced on April 27, that construction funding for a high school in Langdon was approved. 

“We’re in the design process right now. Alberta Infrastructure leads the process, and they got started earlier than expected,” said Rocky View Schools (RVS) Ward 2 Trustee, Patty Sproule. 

“They expect to have the first phase of the design process completed by the end of this month. It was really great news,” she added. 

“Our board is very pleased to receive capital approval for the construction of this much-needed school,” said Rocky View School (RVS) Board Chair Fiona Gilbert. 

“Having received design funding in October 2019, we look forward to getting our new school built in order to provide middle and high school education for the students who live in Langdon and area,” she said.

Student growth in the Langdon community continues to increase and has climbed by 20 per cent within five years.

Rapid growth is expected to continue as six quarter sections have been approved for development. 

“Given enrolment pressures on the east side of RVS, we will be working to complete our design phase as soon as possible so that we can move into construction in a timely manner,” Gilbert said.

Moving forward, the ministry is intending for construction to begin in the fall of 2021, with the school operational by 2024. 

The Langdon school will have an initial capacity of 900 students. 

RVS will have the ability to expand the school to a maximum of 1,200 students as needed, by using modular classrooms, or adding onto the school itself. 

“It will take about three years, the sooner we get started, the sooner we’re going to have local kids going to their local school,” Sproule said.

“We’re really pleased to be able to move forward with this project,” she said. 

Adding, “It’s very much needed, the RVS division is over capacity at almost every school in the division.”


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