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  • Council passes Mobile Vendors Bylaw 

    The bylaw is designed to protect the city and mobile vendors and provide clear administrative processes and requirements for mobile vendors


    Chestermere City Council passed all readings of the Mobile Vendors Bylaw during the July 20 Regular Meeting of Council.

    City administration was directed to develop a draft bylaw permitting mobile vendors within the City of Chestermere.

    “After a comprehensive review of comparable municipalities, it is recommended that a bylaw be implemented which includes the optional provision of a lottery system,” said Legislative Clerk,

    Chelsea Doi.

    The lottery system will allow mobile vendors to apply each year for operation at one of the four designated locations, including two locations at John Peake Park, one at Anniversary Park, and one at Sunset Park.

    “The revised bylaw includes the provision for mobile vendors to require a mobile vendor permit, on top of a business license and all other documents,” Doi said.

    Adding, “The application for a permit must include a map or plan showing the proposed location of operation and Alberta Health Services (AHS) food handling permits.”

    Under the Mobile Vendors Bylaw, mobile vendors can choose to purchase a permit for one month for $100, or for four months at $350.

    “We only have four spaces available; we’re looking for seasonal use, and we’re trying to maximize the opportunity to have all four locations in use,” said the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Bernie Morton.

    “We’re trying to balance the feedback we’ve heard from the restaurants. We’re trying to get them to support this concept, but also knowing that mobile food vendors are selling products in direct competition with restaurants, but they aren’t paying property taxes,” he added. “This is a pilot project, and we’ll see if there is a lot of demand then we can always revisit it. This is our first kick at the can.”

    The Mobile Vendors Bylaw will ensure that both the city and mobile vendors are protected and provide clear administrative processes and requirements for mobile vendors.

    “It’s brand new, we can modify if we need too. We do have to protect the local restaurants that do pay taxes,” said Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

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    1. Jan Castle

      August 3, 2021 at 10:01 am

      Always enjoyed the paper! Nothing better than to pour a cup of coffee and read the paper!