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More than 1,800 grade 12 students will be graduating from Rocky View Schools this year.

Most Rocky View Schools (RVS) high schools will celebrate the achievements of their students with in-person ceremonies for the entire graduating class, for the first time since 2019.

More than 1,800 RVS grade 12 students will celebrate graduating this year in May and June.

“Completing high school is a major achievement, and we’re thrilled to once again mark that milestone together with the Class of 2022,” Superintendent Greg Luterbach said. “We are proud of all our grade 12 students, and we wish them continued success as they move on from RVS and into the next steps of their journey. Congratulations to each and every RVS graduate.”

This year, the Chestermere High School will be celebrating graduates on May 28 at the Wilson Gym, with Valedictorian Callyn O’Blenes.

RVS online school, Summit Trails is also celebrating the first graduating class this year on May 25. 

Summit Trails is one of two online schools RVS opened in September 2021.

There are currently 65 students across the division who will be the school’s first graduating class.

“As a school community, we are so proud to mark this milestone together with the Class of 2022,” Principal Dave Smith said. “Our senior class has been instrumental in forming the identity and community of this new school, and we are excited to see what other great things are in store for these grade 12 students.”

The school’s graduation ceremony at Genesis Place in Airdrie will include live music by Bella Vita Strings and remarks by valedictorian Heather Beckett, an RVS media release said.

“Congratulations to Summit Trails’ first graduating class,” Luterbach said. “Completing high school is a significant step in the journey of a life-long learner. RVS celebrates these students’ accomplishments and thanks to them for helping to shape a new school culture and blazing a path for future Summit Trails graduates. On behalf of RVS, we wish you continued success in the next chapter of life.”

RVS is hopeful to see larger graduating classes in the coming years, and it expands to students across the province.

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